Espreite a gama Clearblue de testes de gravidez e produtos de ovulação - A Clearblue ajuda-a desde que decide engravidar até à gravidez saudável. Saiba mais sobre produtos de fertilidade e gravidez. Tenha respostas simples já.

  • Contacte-nos | Clearblue - A Clearblue está sempre disponível para a ajudar com a linha de apoio e oferecemos várias formas para nos contactar. Encontre a mais conveniente para si.
  • Respostas às suas perguntas sobre gravidez, fertilidade e contraceção - Saiba mais sobre testes de gravidez e produtos de fertilidade Clearblue; e sobre ovulação, quando ocorre e como funcionam os diferentes contracetivos.
  • A planear um bebé? Receba conselhos e dicas do Especialista Clearblue - As respostas para uma gravidez saudável, quando engravidar após um aborto, como o stress afeta a fertilidade, as perdas de sangue durante a gravidez e mais
  • Saiba quando engravidou com o Teste de Gravidez Clearblue DIGITAL - Receba um resultado de Grávida ou Não está grávida e veja há quantas semanas está grávida com o Teste de Gravidez Digital Clearblue preciso. Saiba mais.
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  • Tente engravidar no momento certo com os Testes de Ovulação Clearblue - Teste de Ovulação Clearblue Digital com precisão superior a 99% a identificar os 2 dias mais férteis, com resultados simples num visor digital. Saiba mais
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  • Fica a conhecer o ciclo menstrual, a ovulação e os períodos - Saiba mais sobre o ciclo menstrual, como o corpo se prepara para a ovulação, os efeitos das variações hormonais e qual a altura mais provável de engravidar
  • Fique a saber mais sobre os períodos e as causas e os sintomas da TPM - Saiba mais sobre causas para períodos dolorosos, abundantes e ausência de período; TPM e como aliviar os sintomas. Aprenda mais com a Clearblue.
  • Descubra quando o seu bebé vai nascer com a Calculadora Clearblue - Basta responder a duas perguntas e calculamos a data de parto mais provável. Descubra quando o seu bebé nasce com base na data do seu último período.
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  • Monitorize o ciclo menstrual com o Calendário do Ciclo clearblue - Download o Calendário do Ciclo se estiver a planear engravidar ou se quiser prever quando vai começar o seu período.

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  • Frankie Jones - Awesome product!

    So easy to use and no burning hair smell! It does what it's suppose to(removes hair like crazy) and so easy on your skin. I'm so glad they came out with this product...does a better job than NO-NO and like I burning hair smell!

  • TwoHawks - Hey, It might/could work

    This one size fits all harness is a quick way to connect your two lights as it has connections for two lights. The 30a fuse is way to big for the small amps it will draw so I swapped it to an appropriate one and also added a fuse to the relay hot wire that seemed to be AWAL.

  • Naz Ahmad - Second Kibble Loved by Picky Puppy

    My puppy is very picky and rejected several kibbles and dehydrated dog foods before this (including the Zignature Turkey flavor kibbles, Zignature tukey canned, and Honest Kitchen!). She ate this one as readily as the expensive, rotational Open Farm brand. After eating these Zignature Kangaroo flavor kibbles, she went on her back like a cat and tucked in her paws. I assumed that she was very content. She also goes in circles in excitement during her mealtime - the same reaction as when she gets her boiled turkey breast with vegetables at dinnertime.

  • MJSanders1021 - Just what the doctor ordered...

    This is my first book by R.S. Grey and I have to say that is will not be my last. I truly enjoyed the fun and excitement that was within the story of Luca and Georgie. Although there was some deep moments regarding the past of Luca Georgie brought out the side in which he no longer set free.

  • stonebit - Can I give 0 stars?

    It takes longer to start up than any other MS Office before it. I don't see any real *new* features. The cost is by far higher than the product is worth, particularly if you bought MS Office 2003 or 2007. I will not buy this for anyone in my home (got it for the office- their tab).

  • Cee P - I am sick of the music but that can only mean that my kids love the game and play it constantly

    As the adult, I am sick of the music but that can only mean that my kids love the game and play it constantly. Lots of current music, all the big stars and some good ones from the parents generation with some fun (and funny) dances.

  • I. Sonneland - Picture is really nice and compares nicely to my parents Sony Bravia

    Picture is really nice and compares nicely to my parents Sony Bravia, minus all the smart tv features that theirs has. My PS4 and Wii U look great on it. Flatscreen TVs aren't the best for sound to start out with, but this one sounds okay. I would recommend a sound bar or speakers if you are getting this for a larger room, because I use this in a small bedroom the speakers from the TV suffice.