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  • Kevin F Frankenfield - What I've been waiting for.

    This is an album I was expecting from Lady Gaga, after hearing her pre-gaga stuff on YouTube. I didn't expect it so soon. She always impressed me with her talent, and this show cases her singer-songwriter abilities. I read a review comparing to Stevie Nicks', Bella Donna. When a friend of mine walked in while I was playing a track, he thought he was hearing a Stevie Nicks song. When he heard the others, he asked who was the singer after Stevie. I explainef it was all Lady Gaga, and he was impressed. Very listenable album, with one weak spot. Great work!!! If you're expecting dance music, then you might be disappointed. I played the total album through immediately after the first time, to see if I really liked as much as I did. I can say, it proved to me to be a quality album.

  • B. Gnoz - FDA approval... read the actual report

    Since February 4th of 2007, a fair amount of news has been generated by the FDA approval of this device, including coverage on national news shows. But it is prudent to read the FDA approval document directly (it's very brief).

  • Jessi Spurr - works great for me as I am a huge side sleeper

    I am a well documented side sleeper. I cannot sleep at all on my back or my stomach. I will wake myself up if I stray to those positions during the night. They are that uncomfortable for me. I found, for me, this pillow worked best between my legs. I sleep with my legs curled and this fits just the right way between them. It has a nice soft cover on it which made it very comfortable and since it is washable, makes it much more sanitary as well. There is no give with this pillow so if you are looking for a really soft one, this is not for you.

  • TexasJeff - Hate My Loud, Clunky, Slow Navien!

    A builder and plumber talked me into getting this ONE Navien for my house instead of two [one for each side of the house]. I was told this would have plenty of capacity and it would be quick to respond to hot water needs on the other side of the house. The ONLY way this unit will give you hot water in a reasonable amount of time is if you keep it ON all the time, continually recirculating, continually re-heating water! I thought the ENTIRE reason to get one of these is to conserve energy, but with this constant re-heating and recirculating I'm doubtful much energy is being saved. Once it gets hot it is MAJOR hot. You can adjust the schedule for when it recirculates to minimize when it is on, but whose life is that predictable? Certainly not mine! Also, if you buy this unit anyhow, make sure you put it far away from where you are trying to sleep because it is VERY loud and sounds clunky when the pump kicks in. It's almost as if you have a diesel engine idling in the closet next to your bedroom if you place it on the other side of your bedroom wall, which, unfortunately, I did. So, I just turn the unit off when I know I'm not going to be needing it, however, if the electricity goes off and comes back on, it decides to come on and stay on regardless of the fact you turned the recirculate feature off. In the bathroom closest to it I have to wait about 5 minutes to get hot water without the recirculate feature on. If I turn the recirculate feature back on, then someone tries to take a shower on the other side of the house, have to wait at LEAST about 15 minutes and run about at least 5 gallons of water before it STARTS to get warm. Not to mention about DOUBLE the piping in the attic to install for the recirculate feature. All this seems great on paper, but I am VERY displeased with this item. Also, you certainly can't expect to call just any plumber to set it up or do any work on it because it is quite complicated. I would LOVE to just bash this in and replace it with a conventional propane water heater. House is 2400 sq ft w/ 3 bathrooms for now and just me living there. Have to plan ahead by about 20 minutes if you want hot water for washing dishes if the recirculating pump ain't on. Just defeats the whole purpose of 'energy conservation' if the darn thing is heating and circulating and clanging all the time but if you don't, then I'm wasting hundreds of gallons of water a week waiting for it to work. I just flat hate it if you can't tell by now.

  • racmac - I love it

    great song, always have loved phil collins and this is one of my favorite song of his great drum beats :)

  • Mike "Bassist" - Stunning!

    This might genuinely be the most incredible piece of cinema I have ever seen. I was absolutely blown away by the cinematography, as well as the breathtaking action. The acting was nothing short of superb, and I have never seen a more beautifully constructed plot line in my life.