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  • Marianne Grabowski - Much better sound, especially at high volumes

    Changed out original speakers with these. Much better sound, especially at high volumes. Did not add an amp and do not feel a need to even tho I understand that an amp would further improve the sound.

  • Speers - good stuff

    Cut perfectly to fit. Because it rolls up it is a Little cumbersome, but that is kind of obvious when considering the size of the windshield. Works great and seems durable.

  • Mason - B/W Spirit Spam

    Great deck. Just pure token spam. There a cards in here I have never had the fortune of getting ahold of myself to enjoy and now that I have them, the possibilities to mix and match are near endless. Would buy again

  • Amazon Customer - The Pink Floyd Experience

    "The Wall" is the greatest full-length concept album of all time, period. The recording is immense, somewhat unaccessable, dark, and completely brilliant. Nine Inch Nails and Tool come to mind when reviewing this album, because these two bands and Pink Floyd are some of the few that are more interested in making great music than keeping the fans happy and the record deals coming. This CD is an experiment in seeing how much strangers will get into the band's personal work. Fortunately for Pink Floyd, they're such a great band that they can make a living out of this kind of idea. "The Wall" isn't really a collection of different songs, but rather a twisted musical that floors me every time I pop it in the CD player. As with all Pink Floyd albums, I find it hard to describe the beauty and complexity within them, so I urge you to just pick up a copy of one or more of their classic albums. I guarantee (unless you're a Slipknot redneck) you will be hooked on Pink Floyd before the album you've bought is done playing.

  • J. H. - Works great....if you give it time to install!

    I have used Card Studio for years and remains pretty much the same with the exception of a few new cards each year. Has saved me time and money hunting for a special card for someone. This years software does take some time to load so be patient. Depends on the age, speed, of your computer. Loads lots of files and graphics, took my computer 45 mins. to load and 15 mins. to install a patch or "bug fix" for this version. In past years I believe it installed much faster than an hour. Look at your drive lights on your computer and they will stay pretty much solid for an hour loading files.

  • K. Brazaityte - Super light

    Great for make up artists an eyelash extensions stylists. Love it! Wish the shipping was free. Very portable and light, doesn't produce heat. Led .