Prison Consulting Group - Prison Consultants - Prison Consulting Group Prison Consulting Group - Prison Consultants – Find solutions to the federal prison sentences, Pre sentence interview, rdap Program, Federal Sentencing Guidelines, how to reduce jail time.

  • Sentence Reduction Programs - Prison Consulting Group Prison Consulting Group - RDAP Sentence Reduction – Find whether you are currently in a federal prison or about to enter a federal prison, PCG can assist you in meeting the eligibility requirements for this program.
  • Compassionate Release, Compassionate Release Program - Prison Consulting Group Prison Consulting Group - Compassionate Release - The Prison Consulting Group (PCG) has a program for eligible inmates for application to the Bureau of Prison’s Compassionate Release process.
  • Executive Prison Consultants, Another Sentence Reduction Program Prison Consulting Group - Executive Prison Consultants - Prison Consulting Group writes high quality petitions for Commutation of Sentence after exhaustive research, thorough examination of evidence, and superior compositional acumen.
  • RDAP Sentence Reduction, RDAP Program Federal Prison, Federal RDAP Program Prison Consulting Group - RDAP Sentence Reduction - RDAP Program Federal Prison - The 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program, RDAP, will reduce your prison sentence! « Prison Consulting Group Prison Consulting Group
  • Prison Designation, Prison Consultants - Prison Consulting Group Prison Consulting Group - Prison Designation - Prison Consulting Group works with you, the Judge, your attorney, and the BOP to coordinate the best prison for you considering your priorities.
  • Felony Prison Consultants, Special Inmate Projects Prison Consulting Group - Felony Prison Consultants - Sentenced to federal prison? You may have some things in common with other inmates in federal prison—the same rules, the same environment, the same destination.
  • Prison Consultant - Are you worth it? - Prison Consulting Group Prison Consulting Group - Prison Consultant - Defendants are now designated to facilities that have available space and that are consistent with the defendant’€s security designation.

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