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  • 50+ Years a Fan! - 50+ Years a Fan!

    I was 15 when this film was first shown, in 1951, and I have watched it as often as possible, ever since. Since the advent of home video machines, I have watched it every year, and not only at Christmastime. In my opinion, this production of A Christmas Carol is by far the best one ever done. The direction and casting were brilliant, the supporting cast was excellent, and Alastair Sim was/is the quintessential Scrooge. I doubt that anyone else could ever equal Sim's masterful portrayal, both subtle and powerful, poignent and moving. He truly brought Scrooge to life. Who could possibly forget the joyful awakening on Christmas morning? And, for that matter, who could forget actor Mervyn Johns' portrayal of Bob Cratchit, as he was greeted by Scrooge upon his late arrival at work the following morning? Perfect and priceless! A superb film!

  • A. Busch - Excellent fast charging pad for the bedside

    Purchased to for a Samsung Galaxy S7 (GS7). Note that the charging pad does NOT come with a charger; I plugged it into one of these 

  • Christopher A. Kern - incomplete

    I sure didn't feel the colleges that should have been included were. Many were missing! This needs to be broader in its scope

  • Darth Vader - Sweet Orange, and Peppermint

    This is a natural and high quality set of essential oil. This set includes Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange, and Peppermint. I love this set of choice!

  • Dexter Cannon - Better Hurry!

    These hands of mine must be the worst. It doesn't seem to last long; like a few minutes. Purchased to help with sweaty hands while playing basketball. I put it on, let it dry (white), and seems like only minutes later there is no trace of ever applying it. So, I guess I'll just blame my hands.

  • Russ D - Well it looks Nice...Does it Work???

    Item Looked Okay. Followed the MANY MANY steps in the instructions several times, but I could never get the vehicle into the mode required in order to register the remote. Turn Key On..Open Drivers Door..Turn Key Off...Close Drivers Door..Turn key to Start etc..etc.etc So I don't know if it works or not.

  • Sheri - Good sounds and action, but no sustain.

    I just purchased the Casio CDP-130 and I'm returning it to Guitar Center. I have used Casio keyboards for years, particularly when the inexpensive Previa line came out. I ran a large music ministry and over the years have literally purchased over 50 of these various Casio keyboards. They had good sounds, decent action and great sustain. I mistakenly assumed this newer keyboard would not only be in line with previous versions, but possibly an improvement. Unfortunately not. I have a much older Yamaha P-95 and set both keyboards up and A/B'd them. Playing the same chord with the same velocity, the Yamaha chord rang for over 12 seconds. The Casio was done by 6 seconds. I'm not making this up - I timed both of them with the stopwatch on my iPhone. I'm stunned and bummed (no rhyme intended). I'm afraid Casio cheaped out on the processing in order to include a few more bells and whistles. I have for many years been an advocate for Casio keyboards - until now.