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Pilar Lastra Sirius XM Fantasy Football Host, Playboy Playmate & Deal or No Deal Model - Pilar Lastra Sirius XM Fantasy Football Host, Playboy Playmate 2004 & Deal or No Deal Model

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  • Robert Knight - Varsity Bag

    I reviewed many bags online and tried one by a highly rated competitor. This Timbuk2 Medium Messenger bag does the trick. Big enough for my Mirco 4/3 Lumix with 14-140 lens + a wide angle in a padded camera insert. Also holds my 12" Macbook Air. Terrific build quality--lots of pockets for all my other grimple . Very comfortable to carry. Like any bag this size if you really FILL it, it's heavy but this has a very good shoulder strap. Not sure how it could be better.

  • Bonnie - The special effects are intensely dramatic and appear real--in fact

    The special effects are intensely dramatic and appear real throughout the film. In fact, at the beginning, cracks appear in a side street which leads to the ocean in California--just 1/2 mile from my home. There are overwhelming incidents throughout the film that lend intense drama.

  • Jim N. - No cute old man

    I recall other movie versions of A Christmas Carol, and some plays I have seen, that portray Scrooge as a colorful but essentially harmless curmudgeon. When I saw Alastair Sim play the part for the first time I understood that Scrooge is no cute old man. He is terrifying, a monster, a villain, a force for evil. When Dickens explains that the blind man's dog drags him away from Scrooge, you have trouble picturing this image, until you see Sim in the role. This version is simply masterful. The added material (not in the novella) is consistent with the original story and gives insight into Scrooge's character. The acting throughout is strong but never over the top. For example Brian Worth is convincing as Fred in his jovial nature and patience with his uncle. Certainly Kathleen Harrison gives a masterful performance as Mrs. Dilber, with her ghoulish attempt to benefit from Scrooge's death and her colorful response to Scrooge's conversion. This movie, like the novella, works because it captures the extremity of despair in the poverty of Victorian England and the brutal inhumanity of the main character and then effectively transforms both to joy and optimism, somehow believably, through the miracle of Christmas. The transformation is convincing and the reborn Scrooge, as portrayed by Sim, is as convincing as a benevolent patriarch as he was as a heartless scoundrel. The dark scenes at the beginning and middle of this film can be hard to watch for the faint hearted. Nevertheless the genius of the film is that the impact of the end of the film is stronger because of the sadness and despair shown earlier in the film. If one softened the despair the ending would be much less effective. There may be other decent versions of this story, but I plan to stick with this one for Christmases in the foreseeable future.

  • Jacquie C M - 5 Brilliant Stars!

    Punk 57 is one of the best things I've read this year! Penelope Douglas is one of my go-to authors, I buy everything she publishes, and I've never been disappointed. This book is one of her best!

  • Smitty - Sage from an IT perspective

    I am working with this product in a small business with around 60 users. I have around 6 sales people using the software and they run into issues constantly. I am work in the IT department and have to deal with this horrible software on a daily basis. Users are always frustrated by this software because it has so many issues. All I am trying to do is INTEGRATE OUTLOOK WITH SAGE ACT WEB and I've gotten around 4 different errors during the install process that I am following from the SAGE website. I've had to research and fix all 4 errors and I still cant get it working. Same story with every version that comes out while I've worked in IT world. Now I'm on hold for 30 mins and have been disconnected twice and my signal is perfect. This company has horrible software and horrible customer service. I would not recommend this software to anyone; especially people in IT. Waste of time and money. BTW this is SAGE ACT 2013 Premium Web I am working with. Same sort of issues in 2011 premium (non web).

  • hwilson - works

    My hair looks so soft and healthy now that I started using this. This smells amazing too. I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  • Bob G - Broke after less than 2 months of use!!

    This item started off great. Used it occasionally to clean up/trim facial areas. After about 10 uses, the trimmer started making odd noises and stopped cutting hair. Not sure if the one I received was defective, but I definitely need an exchange!