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  • Sergio Begonja - Muy bueno

    Excelente producto me permite componer musica y escucharla, realmente es muy bueno y satsiface todas mis necesidades aunque no lo domino al 100 %. Muy buena la atención y el envío.

  • duke - unable to use

    It send to me the web site to download the product, but I am unable to download. I have to buy the anti virus at best buy. Could you send me the refund for this product. Thank you very much.

  • Allan Turner - Quick engaging suspence

    all the pertinent background information comes quickly and reinforces the action. I would read the follow-up. the action moves along at a good rate.

  • Alex Liddie - The Past Foretells the Future

    Thom Hartmann knows his American economic history, but most of us only know what's happened since we were ten, if that. So every third generation, when we no longer remember what our grandfather's experienced, we go into one of these periods where the wealthy get very, very wealthy and the rest of us go under water. The economic royalists take over until we elect a Teddy or a Franklin, along with supportive congresspeople, and unwrap our fetters. The crash is coming soon. We'd better get out and vote.

  • Josh - My favorite hairspray. I prefer my hair not to move ...

    My favorite hairspray. I prefer my hair not to move once I get it the way I want it and this does the trick. A little goes a long way and it holds up all day. There are two drawbacks: (1) expensive! and (2) it has a powerful smell although luckily I don't find it unpleasant.

  • Rachel - HORRIBLE!

    This suck really sucks!!!...Sometimes they put something up there other then what you said and you end up getting a 0. For example they asked "name a type of omlet" I said bacon. They said I said egg white which is stupid I would of never said that so of course I got a 0. Then they will say "no" that's not the answer and it was up there! For example. The question was name a state that you'd go skiing. I said Utah and it was liek booomp with the stupid buzzer and when they revealed the answer it WAS Utah!...Also the game is slow as hell!

  • V. Older - Pretty good for the genre

    Lots of action, surprise plot, predictable Good triumphs evil. Dwayne Johnson with just the right amount of humor, irreverence, and hunkiness. I liked this take on Hercules as a man with a touch of superhuman strength and wit.