Peterson Laboratory Services - Peterson Laboratory Services is an anatomical pathology laboratory serving, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado. Testing available: pathology, genital (including HPV) and non-genital cytology.

Country:, North America, US

City: -97.822 , United States

  • mreeb - Omega XL Nutritional Information

    Researching nutritional information for Omega XL. Can't find much, they talk about EPA and DHA but don't list the amounts or daily dosage. If this was such a fantastic product those amounts would be easy to find. Price is crazy high. This all screams SCAM

  • Mom in CT - Disappointed in what I thought would be helpful

    The book hooks you in making you think you are about to read a "real" way to detox your body. Then, as it gets to the nitty gritty of how to achieve the detox diet, you realize that there are several products that are being marketed here... all available on his web site. Plus, the books intro tells you to go to the resources page of the web site to be coached, and it brings you directly to the selling page, and then everything you click on brings you to a selling page. Returned the book. Very disappointed.

  • jagplates - Not Ready for Prime Time (Fixed in February 2012)

    My initial review gave Family Tree Maker 2012 4 stars. But, after using it for 6 weeks, I have to say that the software is too fragile to recommend. The feature set is fine, and if it was actually reliable, I would have no problem. But, the synch between FTM and fails frequently. Sometimes, it simply requires re-trying the synch. Sometimes, you can repair it by deleting the most recent entries that you have changed. But, every few days, I find that I have to completely re-download the entire tree. (They tell you to re-upload from your computer to You can also re-download from to your computer. Since I do most of my work in the on-line tree, I prefer to re-download.) It is a matter of 30 - 60 minutes to download a 30,000 person tree, so it is very annoying.

  • Skyler Blair - miracle

    This stuff saved my ass. Drink bunch of water a day or two before if you can. Chug this 2 hours before test.. Pee 3-4 times to get it rolling thru the stream and you are good to go. Love it

  • david - Ok but some features claimed will not work

    Cant get 3g 4g to work even after updating to new firmware.. havr to tether since i cant get it to do usb dongle.. also wifi direct will not work with a note 4 at least

  • Bruce Hatton - Supported us getting more out of our vacation

    Supported us getting more out of our vacation than we would have without the ideas of things to see and the valuable maps.

  • Luca - Horrible Movie

    One of the worst movies ever. Truthfully, it is just TERRIBLE. There isn't any part of this movie that deserves anything but the lowest review. Save your money and look somewhere else for entertainment.