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  • Monique Butler - Loving it! Creme Brulee

    I'm restarting my natural hair journey since 2000. It's been a long time and I needed something that would give my 4c hair moisture and less frizz. So far the Creme Brulee is helping me manage and maintain a consistency of volume in my hair as well as the nutrients it needs.

  • Tracy B. - Don't waste your money if you already have a Kaplan book!

    I loveeeeee Kaplan, and although I have yet to take my NCLEX (this Friday) I feel that Kaplan has prepared me tremendously! However, I had purchased the 2013-2014 strategies, practice, & review book, but felt that I needed to purchase the newest version as soon as that came out. I was so excited when I got my new book and I started going through it high lighting stuff and doing practice questions when I realized things were starting to sound VERY familiar. I took out my 2013-2014 book and sure enough it is EXACTLY the same, word-for-word! All of the practice questions, as well as the practice exams! :( I'm disappointed because I wasted my money on it, but I will say if you do not own a Kaplan NCLEX book, do yourself a HUGE favor and buy one! :) I plan to purchase their CCRN exam next as long as I pass NCLEX on Friday!

  • trans_am - Bait and switch!

    The product I received was NOT genuine Toyota, but an inferior knock off. Mud flaps were not fitted to the vehicle like the picture shows, but rather were flexible to form to vehicle. Product I received was worth about 30 dollars and not 60 plus!

  • Mark H. - Really amazed, and I am not usually amazed

    I recently started having acid reflux and everyday I feel this sequences of chest congestion and nervousness. It has been like that for about 2 weeks and the prescription med my doctor prescribed (pantoprazole) isn't helping at all. Antacid (Tums) do help my condition somehow but I still need to deal with them everyday and I was taking like 10-14 antacid tablets per day, to somehow ease my discomfort.

  • snipe - Angry

    2012 I am very upset by the graphics! If I wanted child like scribbling drawings I'd have my grandchild do the drawing but he is far better than this junk! Some would be fine but 90% is, can't say - very disappointing!!!! The Hallmark of old 95 to 98 was great limited as to choise but the choises were great. You could draw, fill, add lips, eyes etc. you could also enlarge lettering with one click, undo and redo all on the same screen, free to play and I did and loved it. This new 2012 is 7500 graphics, 11,000 images of crap. I read several comments of those having printing problems not me, it works its just not worth my time. Another thing you can't print recipe cards but ONE at a time You cannot adjust spacing the other cards are half. Space for 4 but only get 2 and loose ink. The 2 sided printing goes through 2 sheets of paper and alot of black ink. They need to combine with the old and add good graphics in the new. Birds, dogs, cats, deer, flowers, trees and landscapes cute and real in all things, animate and inanimate. What you see at Hallmark Card stores and not in thier software! I will not buy Hallmark again until they go back to what they are known for: QUALITY!

  • danyelle lam - Warning!! Software download feature EXPIRES!

    Avoid this product unless want to pay Quicken/Intuit for life. Quicken will force you to “upgrade” your software by shutting off internet and file downloads. At that point the software will essentially become useless.