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Country:, Europe, SK

City: 21.6848 Presovsky kraj, Slovak Republic

  • Cate Cullen - Adorable but disappointing

    This little diffuser is adorable. However, the output of mist is quite sparse. This diffuser can run all day and still have water in it. I felt the oils dispersed and the water was left behind.

  • A. M. Edwards - Useful but not my favorite.

    I really love my BOB stroller and the fact that i can use a baby stroller. However. I dislike that the tray doesn't lift away for easily getting an older child into the seat. I have to lift my son over this holder to get him in. I have to use this piece in order to use the carseat. Not my favorite.

  • Karen Schmidt - Interesting but proceed w/ caution & common sense!!!

    Looks interesting but I came across this write up where the author and his company have agreed to stop making false and unsubstantiated claims for a product containing DHEA. You can read about it below. When individuals are considering vitamin type supplements, it is important to read pros and cons about such and decide for ones self along with consulting your family doctor. Remember, there is no magic pill and no fountain of youth!!!

  • vrJim - breakable plastic bolt-thrus, horrible instructions

    I've installed dozens of CPU fans- this was the hardest. Rather, this was the only one that was difficult. Very unusual design and even worse instructions. Instead of a metal backplate and screws, this uses the "more convenient" plastic pegs. Unfortunately they're very brittle. Two of them snapped when clamping the heatsink down; you attach said clamp to the side of the heatsink on a tuning-fork shaped piece of metal that you slide through the center of the heatsink... yeah... have fun with that.