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    Slush mats? Not so much. As others have mentioned its a great three season and only good winter mat as slush, snow and salt water will get on the carpet beside the them as it drips and falls off your feet. My review is based on me wearing low cut leather boots. If you use the driver's foot rest it dirt and water can and will run down under the mat. They fit extremely well, are made from a nice flexible heavy material and stay secured no matter what as they use the factory retention hooks. I typically don't find "just after purchase" reviews of much value and as such I have waiting until now to review these. The mat set has been installed for 3 Canadian winters only (6 months per season) and they have not shown any appreciable wear. The raised ridges help to keep sand and dirt from sliding around too much and make it easy to clean but do not keep it off your feet unless you are careful to keep your feet on the raised areas.

  • Roger ray - It was very light gage metal and could be pried ...

    It was very light gage metal and could be pried open with a screwdriver. I returned it, bit the bullet and ordered a Knox Box.

  • Heather - Great!

    It only took about 10 minutes of easy installation (and that's only because I can't quite reach my roof). All you have to do to assemble is pop the existing caps covering the screw holes off of the edge rails and screw the crossbars on. Super easy, I can't wait to haul stuff on my roof.

  • naserone - Great semi truck and tractor combo!

    Love this truck. The tractor is self powered and has lights. The truck has lights and sounds. My 2 year loves this truck so much! He drives the little tractor up and down the ramp. He has no problems with the tiny buttons for the lights and movement on the tractor.

  • Amazon Customer - Wanted the extra features

    Google Maps, Bing maps, etc. just don't have all the features this software has. I like it for route planning and adding stops is really easy. Also like the excel import feature for when I have a long list of addresses. I downloaded the trial version from Microsoft and for whatever reason it was cheaper ordering the physical DVD-ROM over a digital download and entering the serial number from it to the trial to activate it.

  • Bill B. - Similar to Bio-Terrorism

    So let me set the story here...I was set to board an Amtrak train to New York City from Philadelphia for a business excursion. I had recently been gifted a wonderful 5 lb bag of Sugar Free Haribo Gummi Bears from an aunt and figured to myself....what a wonderful snack to take along to keep me full on the train until I hit the city. I packed a zip lock bag full and began snacking on the taxi ride to the train station. Those little sugar free bears were very tasty going down, they definitely hit the spot.