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  • D. Olsen - Hotronic M4 Battery

    I've used my original set of batteries fory 2 years (~40 days skiing total) and the black "lid" with the connector, lights and on/off buttons has come off of one of the batteries. It still seems to be usable, but it shouldn't have come off in normal use. I suppose I could use some epoxy or Super Glue to keep it together ... In any case, I decided to buy a replacement set of batteries in case my originals are on their way out. I *have* experienced erratic results with both battery packs, wherein they seem to discharge much sooner than expected, or mysteriously get switched to a different setting than I set them to at the start of my ski-day. And I've had to replace the foot-pad heating elements, as they both seem to have crapped out (as evidenced by the batteries not discharging at all after being turned on, to test them, for more than 24 hours). But that's not a battery problem. It's a problem with the durability of the heating elements &/or the wiring (cable & connector). Maybe the Hotronics system just isn't suitable for the rigors of a ski boot. But it's better than using the chemical heating packs in my boots (they work fine in gloves, but they don't stay stuck to my socks when I put on my boots) - they rub off and curl up as my foot slides into my boot).

  • Karma - I did not purchase the 2013 edition of this book

    I purchased the 2011 book and found it rather useful, but had errors. When studying for the CCS, it is helpful if the information and answers to review questions are correct. If the answers are incorrect, the book is useless. And could mislead you into having incorrect information and fail the CCS. Considering the cost of books and registration for this exam, I would be careful and choose wisely. Pick a different book to study from.

  • Mary A. Newman - Netflix had a great idea and we love it!

    They are so quick in sending and acknowledging returned films, it is amazing. We don't know how they do it.

  • Mel L. - The CravenSpeed antenna works okay. I did not lose ...

    The CravenSpeed antenna works okay. I did not lose any stations but I do get a weaker signal that is evidenced by quite a bit more FM "flutter" when moving.

  • Andrea v. Arce V. - This pills actually work!! i love them!

    at first i was a unsure if i should buy this pills, because i've been searching a lot. i have a blood problem and im alergic to calcium for the bones, and didnt know if would affect me, but i tried this one bcuz are NATURAL. I've been taking them for at least 3 months, no side effects work great, my hair has grown so fast in 1 month it growth more than an inch, it didnt before. my nails are so strong, i used to use acrylic nails, bcuz my nails were vrey soft, now i got rid of the acrylics! and love my new natural nails! i thought that i would never find a product that actually will work, but i highly recommend this product is excellent!

  • Douglas B. Petty - WS 2011 Blu Ray

    Good Blu Ray video. A short high light of the 2011 world series. I wish they had spent a little more time on game 6 ( it was a gem). Over all a good buy compared to other vendors.

  • BRENDA L. PEPPARD - Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar

    Four weeks ago I put a Seresto flea collar on my 13 year old Springer Spaniel. Within 30 minutes she started having seizures (she had never had a seizure in her life). I rushed her to the ER vet. Within 24 hours three different vets treated her. None of them could stop the seizures. After 24 hours of treatments, IV's, X-Rays and blood work she was getting worse and I had to tell the vet to put her out of her misery. Two weeks before, she had had her annual wellness exam; vaccines, blood work & examination. My vet said she was in good health for a dog her age. I have to admit the three emergency vets said they had never seen such a severe reaction to a flea collar, but none of them would say 100% the collar was not to blame. I did inform Bayer about this incident and the lady I spoke to said it would be investigated. Cricket was a sweet, gentle dog and I miss her dearly. Personally, I would never use any flea collar on my pets ever again. For some reason I cannot post my comments unless I click a star to rate the product. PLEASE DISREGARD MY STAR RATING, AS I WOULD GIVE THIS PRODUC T A MINUS 5 IF I HAD THAT OPTION.