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    GREAT product. When used CORRECTLY it works wonders. I have a few tattoos and wanted some assistance to help me sit through a new one on my ribs. I am incredibly thankful this product was recommended to me! Make sure you apply exactly as the instructions detail and it works like a dream!

  • Chandler Bechtel - Typos, wrong answers, and foolishness

    This book is SWARMING in typos, wrong answers, and even gives wrong formulas. (EX: Percent = whole / part) You have to double check ALL of your work because they have wrong answers. I've never seen such horrible editting. I've counted over 15 typos / misprints. It does have 2 practice tests, but even those questions have typos and grammatical errors. Don't buy, get another brand.

  • Glenda Curtis - Did not hold my interest

    Characters and plot were slow to develop. I found myself skipping pages to speed up the plot. Sorry, but just not interesting to me.