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    Country:, Europe, NL

    City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • Amazon Customer - light burnt out 2nd week of hardly running it, ...

    light burnt out 2nd week of hardly running it, when will the next fizzle, thanks for stealing a cancer patients money CHINESE

  • Nyoung12 - So much fun!

    Great family fun! Be prepared for a cardio workout! My husband and I are always huffing and puffing at the end haha. The kids love that their favorite songs, like "Uptown Funk" are on the game.

  • DVD Techie - I feel ripped off no BLU RAY Playback and no tech support

    This software is utter bloatware. I want to return it. If anyone knows how please let me know. I would keep it if it could play back normal Blu Ray movies, and it claims IT DOES in the pro 2012 version (that I was just ripped off on). I will call amazon.com to complain soon, not feeling to great today.

  • Amanda - This WILL prevent stretch marks.

    When I got pregnant I gained 70 pounds (I know...) Long story short, I put this on my belly religiously everyday as soon as I started to show (around 10-12 weeks). I used it the entire pregnancy and I never got one single stretch mark on my stomach (and it was huge). I know it was the cream because I got stretch marks everywhere else that I didn't use the cream (breasts, thighs, hips, buttocks, etc.). Stupidly, I only thought of the belly as an area to worry about. (I guess if you don't gain 70 pounds it's no big deal!) Anyway, my skin on my stomach is completely flawless but everywhere else is a nightmare! Do yourself a favor and put this on everyday. Also, learn from my mistake and put it on all the areas that will grow!

  • Heidi - Just what I needed!

    I was a bit nervous ordering because the product stated 'full set' of mats, and the pics showed all 3 pieces, but there was no additional description and the price seemed too good to be true. I was hoping to get a full set of mats, but was prepared for just the driver and passenger ones to come. Even though the boxes that came were for the front mats only, all three pieces were there, and in new condition just as promised! This seller sold me exactly what I was looking for, within the time frame for shipping and arrival, and at a GREAT price!! I highly recommend!

  • Westly James Hoffman - Noisy Circuitry!

    Other reviewers have noted unacceptable "background" noise. I suspect that all of these units share this same design flaw. The Signal-to-Noise ratio (S/N) renders these unusable. The noise is NOT from the background, but is internally generated by CHEAP circutry. This is easily verifable by covering the mic port and noticing that the noise is unchanged. If this flaw could be corrected, the device would probably work very well, as the amplification, even on the lowest volume setting, is strong. Unfortunately, the signal just gets lost! It's obvious to me that this design was never tested, much less run through rigorous (any?) Q-A.