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  • Renee R. Benson - DO NOT BUY!

    I bought this with my brand new top of the line HP computer running Windows 7 Professional. I bought the professional version for added abilities with power point and word. However, I have been so frustrated with the email that I haven't even ventured there. (Puchased February 2013) The Outlook program consistently "hangs" when I try to read emails saying "contacting server for information" even when I have previously viewed the email I am attempting to access. This requires opening task manager, closing and restarting the Outlook program. It is a PITA! I have attempted to import emails from a portable storage device according to MS's instruction to no avail. This required downloading windows live mail as Outlook 2013 will not import directly from XP professional. The folder shows up on the computer, but I cannot see any of the emails. Save yourself the trouble and stay with 2010. I would give 0 stars if I was able.

  • Harriet I. Williams - Ease of Transition

    After opening it up, I appreciate the access to step by step comprehesible directions for how to get the program set up and working for my company. I am not an accountant or business manager, so as the sole proprietor, I have to do it all and it's good to know that I have the support to make it work for my small business.

  • Lori - not to bad of a shoe

    These shoes are very comfortable once you get them broke in, takes about a week. The only complaint I have is that the suede on the front of the shoe, seems to wear off pretty fast. I work in an office and it only took about a month and it started to wear off.

  • Larry T. - Bought this unit to spread rock salt over driveway and ...

    Bought this unit to spread rock salt over driveway and parking lot. Doesn't work, I need to have someone ride on back and keep shaking unit to keep salt flowing.

  • Labrador owner - Seresto tick & flea collar

    I paid $77.00 for a Seresto tick and flea collar that is supposed to work for 8 months. After 3 months I began to pull ticks off. Not just crawling ticks but fat engorged and attached ticks. I called Seresto and they said that "due to a heavy tick and flea season the Seresto just can't kill them all". REALLY?!?!? I even spray my yard for fleas and ticks once a month and live in a residential area. I'm not so sure Seresto can live up to what they claim in their advertising.

  • Audrey - Excellent for limp, stretchy, overly soft hair. But know whether you actually need it first!

    I over-moisturized my hair with a new deep conditioner that ended up being way more intense than I thought it was and the result was some very limp and much too soft curls that were quickly becoming more and more straight. My hair didn't even conditioner in the shower anymore it was so overly conditioned. I could literally detangle it with a fine toothed comb after washing it with a dandruff shampoo and not get a single tangle or snag. I bought this as I knew I needed protein to balance out my hair again. When it arrived I threw it on almost dry hair and really saturated my entire head with the stuff to make sure every little strand was getting covered. I took my hairdryer to it off and on for about 45 minutes to an hour until my hair was rock hard and then rinsed it out, put in my gel, scrunched, and left to dry. My curls have sprung back to life almost entirely, and though they're a bit frizzy, they aren't the hot mess they were a day and a half ago.