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  • digby2005 - I can't wait to read the next book in the series!

    While I admire the reviewers who write detailed book reviews, I'm too impatient to start reading the next book to write my own detailed report (and probably would not be adding anything that hasn't already been said) BUT, I also rely on the reviews to help decide which books to read so feel it's only fair to get my 5 stars included in the numbers. I thought it was a great suspense novel with just the right amout of romance/smut :) My only negative comment is while reading this on a kindle, there was no page break, font change or anything to note that you were now reading from another character's perspective. Granted, it only took a few sentences to realize you were no reading from the killer's perspective vs. Lacey', etc, but I feel like it would have been something very simple to add a page break, a row of ********, or a header LACEY when it switches. That said, I've already bought and started the 2nd in the series so this is clearly a minor annoyance and didn't affect my overall impression or enjoyment of the book

  • Glenda B. - never again

    I tried multiple times, even used a timer to insure I rinsed enough. left my hair feeling extremely heaving, didn't feel clean and was very frizzy and tangled up, plus left my scalp itching. my hair felt greasy at my scalp and dry and brittle on the ends. I will not buy this product again.

  • patrick catania - broke out in a rash

    Used this product for 5 days...First 2 days were okay...3rd day bumps appeared on back..5th day bumps were red and irrated and the rash spread to neck and face...had to go to a dermatologist for steroid cream...I think it was the toner...Maybe a bad batch...the company rep couldn't comment and the last number of the lot was missing..