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  • Terry Schindler - Dangerous For Outdoor Cats!!!!!

    This collar did repel fleas and ticks, however, it is not breakaway! I purchased 3 of these collars. I have 2 cats that only stay indoors and 1 cat that is both indoor and outdoor. This cat just came home with the collar stuck in his mouth, which was all bloody, and two blood paws, bloody chest and bloody face. Thankfully he didn't snap his neck, but the collar didn't break away as promised. It was placed correctly with the space of 2 fingers under the collar. I feel this is too dangerous for outdoor cats!

  • Amazon Customer - I am TRULY disappointed in this DVD

    I am TRULY disappointed in this DVD!!! As a Penguins fan, I was excited as hell to get this in my hands. Unfortunately, I would have preferred that they wait a couple of more months and actually put out a decent product than putting out this item that was OBVIOUSLY rushed to market! The main feature of this DVD is only 65 minutes long and none of the 'special features' are longer than 3:45 long. By way of comparison, the 2009 Stanley Cup DVD main feature is over 100 minutes long with several of the special features clocking in at over 15 minutes plus. Additionally, the 2009 disc includes a lot of the players days with the cup, etc. With the exception of the first ten minutes about the regular season, this disc has NOTHING but short recaps of each game in the playoff series and VERY short on-ice and locker room celebrations. Just a compete disappointment!

  • R. Eye - For cybersecurity, the Russians make a product that can't be beat.

    I've tried numerous anti-virus and Internet Security products and have come back to Kaspersky again and again. I tried Kaspersky Pure as well but it was difficult to remove when I decided to use Internet Security the next year. I understand that the difference between Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Internet Security is that the latter has a second firewall. I do not notice performance issues using the Internet Security, so I'll stick with it. Be prepared for numerous banner alerts weeks before your version will expire, which is annoying, but I suppose other anti-virus and Internet Security makers do this as well.

  • Patrick C. Powers - and a fun review of pop-culture of the late 1950's and early ...

    Do not read this book on an iPhone, there a lots of charts that are too small to read and cannot be expanded.