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  • Amazon Customer - 1000% the best dog shampoo I have ever used

    1000% the best dog shampoo I have ever used. We have a short haired and long haired dog, long haired dog have DRY skin with hot spots and short hairs dog is allergic to grass, this shampoo has worked wonders for both of our dogs!

  • Victor Roberts - Great quality, no distortion at all.

    The headphones arrived in a nice black box. They come with three pairs of ear buds, a USB cable, and a very well written manual. Mine came already charged and ready to use.

  • Dolores - Great value

    It would be easier to use if it was for the one vehicle and same person driving as it is rather clumsy with all the cables etc and it can be assumed that the more drivers who use it will probably increase the chances of someone breaking a piece of it whilst removing it after use or replacing it on the screen, but it did the job and on playback the picture quality was spot on, as expected. Number plates could not be read if a hit & run took place but in an incident where all parties have to stop then blame can clearly be attributed.

  • Anthony Lower - Better than the previous in most ways

    Played this last night for about an hour. Instead of a real work out I jumped around from activity to activity. I like all of the new classes they've added. I used Cardio Boxing a lot last game,(lost 45 pounds) and can see I'll be using the Hip Hop and Latin dancing often too.

  • ccm77 - I use Veggie Caps to take this with

    I have been using this for 2 weeks and I couldn't handle the taste so I got the veggie caps and put the drops in that and take it like a pill.

  • Allan V. - and its touch sensitivity are phenomenal and the best protector I have ever used

    Had to try to reinstall 4 times, and STILL had a corner and an edge not completely adhere. Probably my fault if a spec of dust or grease in those 2 areas was left behind. I will say however, that the quality of the glass, and its touch sensitivity are phenomenal and the best protector I have ever used. I installed on an Nvidia Shield K1 tablet used exclusively for flying drones. You cant afford to miss a tap on the screen, especially if you are in a stressful, mechanical failure system while in the air. This screen provides me with complete security that when I tap on a setting, it WILL activate EVERY time!

  • Debbie Bretag - can't go wrong

    love it, great price and it includes mouse and keyboard--what a bargain. Works pretty flawlessly. ITs my first PC and I use it for my cable card streaming.