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  • Amazon Customer - Small but good value

    This bag seems to be high quality and is fairly priced. I took a star off because it's just small enough I had to buy two to fit my paintball gear.

  • saralorine - Quenches my dry skin

    So far so good! I have used this a few times and I am please with the moisture my skin retains when I use this. After I turned 30, my combination skin turned pretty dry. When I use this after cleansing but before my moisturizer (usually pure argan oil), my skin stays hydrated all day. My makeup stays better and looks fresher throughout the day. I only need 2-3 drops which will make this product last a long time! I did deduct one star for the packaging. It looks like the picture, but the lid is a very cheap flimsy painted plastic that doesn't seal very well. I will update my review if start noticing breakouts or other negative reactions. For now I will keep using it and see how my skin looks and feels. This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  • L. Councill - I love this water pik

    Although it takes a bit of practice to use this without shooting water all over the place, it's a great water pik. I bought this for both of my boys who are in braces. And let's face it, if you have kids with braces, getting them to do that complicated flossing while they are IN braces is not going to happen. It comes with plenty of color coded attachments so everyone I the family can use it. When I use it, I put a bit of listerine mouthwash in the water for added disinfecting and freshness and my mouth always feels great afterward.

  • CLUE - P0420 code is gone and hasnt come back

    I have been getting an intermittent P0420 OBD2 code and had the sulfer rotted egg smell typical of a catylitic converter on its way out. I have used other fuel system cleaners with no luck. I used one of these after hearing positive reviews from a friend who is an auto tech. Ran it for 40 miles and then filled the tank with premium and turned off the engine light using my scan tool. That was almost 600 miles ago and the P0420 code hasnt returned. (code used to come back every 30-40 miles) Plan to just use this stuff every few months instead of replace my cat. (saves about $1600) There is no magic cure for a bad cat and I'm sure it will be an issue again some day, but this got me through another year of emissions inspections without spending alot of money on repairs. I am very happy with the outcome.

  • Kirsten - This game is so much fun!

    I am brand new at the guitar and this game is so much fun! I really feel accomplished when I manage to play a song all the way through. The "teacher" in the game has a pleasant voice and explains things in as little or as much detail as you need to understand it. I love that the riffs that it's trying to teach you will slow down if it's clear you just aren't getting it. I am very optimistic about my future guitar playing with the help of this game.