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  • Valerie - Yogi Bedtime Tea-perfect for when the Sandman drops the ball!

    Yogi Bedtime Tea is a delicious and relaxing tea to sip at the end of the day. I've tried other "sleep aid" type teas, as I battle with insomnia. This tea is by far THE tastiest of all. It's just lovely, and you can easily get more than one cup per teabag. I love that I can order 6 boxes at a time, that's more than three months worth. They are boxed well, 6 boxes of 16 teabags per box-and I've never had an issue with any shipping damage. It's a very good price and a Prime product to boot! You can't lose.

  • Elen Shirley - I give this product 4 stars because although I don't ...

    I give this product 4 stars because although I don't notice it decreasing my appetite, I do notice that I have more energy when I take these. The bottle suggests that you take 3 tablets a day. I take 2 in the morning before breakfast and 1 before lunch. I find that I have more energy to get through my workouts when I take these. I think it's worth the money.

  • Gberg - Do not waste your time and money with these!

    At the time of purchase there was a glowing 5 star review, so I had high hopes with these. When they came on Friday (it is now Sunday), I had to pair each earbud separately for them to work, but even then they only worked at the same time (stereo) only twice and each time only lasted about 5 minutes -- and this is me trying to get them to work together for at least a couple of hours that night. Now they only work one earbud at a time (mono), because once one is paired the other refuses to pair and vice versa. I've only had them a couple of days, but since I threw away the packaging I just got rid of them instead of trying to return them. I pretty much just wasted $30. I ended up purchasing a pair of Jam mini wireless earbuds at Walmart yesterday for $40, it was the last pair they had at the store I went to (model HX-EP315A). They are the type that are bluetooth and the two earbuds are wired to each other. They worked on first try and I'm happy with them so far! Do not waste your time and money with these!

  • "Eyes of Blue" - Great "App" for Netflix

    First I would like to say that if you have Netflix streaming through a Roku or similiar device on your home television this is an awesome "app" for your "FIRE"!! I was shocked at how many people complained because they thought for 99 cents this "app" included a Netflix monthly account!!! I think many of the first reviews were people who did not understand the FIRE and looked for things to complain about. This app works seemlessly on the FIRE. You can start Netflix on your television or FIRE -- stop and pick up exactly where you left off!! This is an awesome "app" for what it is supposed to do! Thanks Amazon for providing this "app"!!!

  • Sheila - LIFECELLSKINCARE UNFAIR TRADERS-they pre authorise charges from your bank account before you receive anything-BEWARE

    Do not buy this product-the terms and conditions relating to this product are 7 pages of A4. Before you receive this product the so-called trial, hundreds of £ which you did not authorise are pre-authorised from your bank and show up as a debit ($189.00 for product plus shipping cost) and taken out of your account. If you have a query following your so-called order, there is a reference number they give you, but the actual order does not describe nor specify exactly what you allegedly ordered nor that your account will be deducted i.e. shipping costs plus $189.00. If you have a query, you are advised to contact [email protected] which does not work: your email just bounces back. To cancel go on the Lifecell website (For some reason the web address will not print here)

  • A. Moe - I've been collecting these snowflakes/stars for at least 15 years ...

    I've been collecting these snowflakes/stars for at least 15 years. This one is okay, but I can't say it's one of more exceptional designs I've seen. It will be part of my collection though.

  • FLRoadman - 2000 F150 Success

    Used this for a radio install on a 2000 F150. The kits worked great and the install was a piece of cake. Amazon says this kit was discontinued so I am not sure what the "new" version brings to the table...but this works just fine in my application.