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  • Chris Chubb - These actually lasted a really long time. The tablets ...

    These actually lasted a really long time. The tablets held up well, it only took a couple in the chlorinator at a time and they lastest at least as long as anything from the store, maybe even longer. Or maybe it's because the 50 lb bucket is still a 50 lb bucket instead of shrinking to a 35 lb bucket...

  • Heather ray - Super bright

    I received my HeroBeam LED Lantern V2.0 with Flashlight - 2016 COB Technology emits 300 LUMENS! - Collapsible Tough Lamp - Great Light for Camping, Car, Shop, Attic, Garage on time and damage free via Amazon prime. I love the prime. I ordered this LED lantern with flashlight for when we go on our camping trips I thought it would be perfect. I'm so glad that I did. I am not one to go to the restroom in the woods so I always have to find an actual bathroom so this flashlight is perfect to use it to walk through the dark and shine it on the trail so I see what I'm stepping by, then when I'm back at the campsite I pull up the top and it turns into a lantern illuminates the table. I wasn't sure how good this life is going to be due to the fact that it is on the smaller side but this little thing is super bright I was shocked. If you're looking for a great camping why I highly recommend this one it is great.

  • Amazon Customer - Good unit

    This was a gift for a loved one with chronic back pain. The unit is stronger than one might think. It packs some good electrical pulsations to muscles. The self-adhesive pads could last longer, in my opinion. Otherwise, a very good unit to stimulate sore muscles when other therapy isn't readily available.

  • Rico Laguna - so it really only comes down to the cost to help you in your selection once you decide on which type of solution will work best

    This fiber works well but the truth is this keratin fiber is extremely expensive per gram in comparison to fiber you can get on Ebay or here on Amazon from other vendors!....when you get down to it and strip the names off of these labels, you really only have two major options for realistic and natural looking hair fiber. Gossypium Herbaceum Plant fiber (Caboki uses this) and Keratin Animal fiber (Toppik uses this) They both are effective at providing natural looking hair coverage and most brands use one or the other of these 2 it really only comes down to the cost to help you in your selection once you decide on which type of solution will work best for you.

  • Cindy Hays - My husband and I are enjoying doing the Belly Fat ...

    My husband and I are enjoying doing the Belly Fat Cure plan. We both lost 10 and 6 pounds the first week. But now on the second week still following and marking down what we eat we have slowed down and I even gained 1 1/2 pounds overnight using one of the menu meals in book. I feel maybe there is too much sodium in the soy sauce but had gained when we used low sodium soy sauce also.

  • Deb w. - Avoid if possible!!!

    I have too many Cutci pieces to mention from Knife set to garden tools! I have fallen prey many times to "my nieces' friend is selling Cutco. You don't have to buy but just let her give you the presentation.....!" Shield your heart! These kids are trained extremely well. Top quality at a ridiculous price when you first receive them but the sharpening is more ridiculous! You either pay a huge shipping fee to send them back for "free" sharpening or someone comes to your house, does a mediocre job and then tries to sell you more. AVOID unless you just want to help someone out.