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  • Sunny K. Dunlavey - Honest review

    I was introduced to this product by a friend of mine who purchased. I was fortunate enough to purchase as a "pre-sale", so got a reduced price, but waited like 3 months for it! This is a very honest review. Not a fake review even though I did not purchase on Amazon. First off, I have very long, thick, straight Asian hair. Not coarse, but even air dried, it's stick straight. It used to take me a solid 30-40 min to curl my hair with a traditional curling iron. With the Tyme, it takes me 10-15 min to do my whole head. Now that being said... I do prefer the look I get with a traditional iron. These curls are more volume, high glam in my opinion, but then my 2nd day- they are that nice beachy loose curl. I live in AZ, so no humidity and I wash my hair every 4 days. The curls literally stay until I wash my hair. I used very little product, a little bit of hair oil and then a light flexible hairspray. Work outs, sleep... curls stay in!! I agree with others... there is a bit of a learning curve. But it didn't take me that long to master. The key is having the iron down the right way, flip the hair, the wrist and pull through. Once you "get it" it really does save so much time. The other downside is... despite my skill set, I do think my curls all kind of look the same. I know there are ways to vary... but mine all end up looking pretty much the same. Either way, I do love the result, I get comments about how beautiful and polished my hair looks every day (even on the 4th or 5th day). Saves so much time and the product itself is very well made. As a full-time working mom, I love that I can look "done" in 15 min. When I want that perfect curl... I will just go get a blowout or maybe invest in another curler where I can give more time.

  • Melissa - excellent product

    This is a very excellent product. It works and it is very cheap $2.99. I am using it on my face for dark marks that are left on my face after I have pimples. This tea tree oil is clearing them right up. I could notice a difference the very next morning I use it. I use it on my bikini line after I shave and notice very little irritation and redness.