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  • Amazon Customer - I was so disappointed with the contents after hoping to get the original

    People of our age have prior experience with Sayman salve. This new offering has neither the aroma or color to be passed off as an original healing ointment. I was so disappointed with the contents after hoping to get the original.

  • SAILORKIR - I love these socks!

    These fit very well and had great staying power, they remained up for five hours of walking around before I had to pull them up. The pattern is just lovely on these too. Nice and simple!

  • Luc LeGuiverne - Does not play well with Sprint !

    I must say this first; this phone does not play nice with Sprint. It continuously goes through this activation loop with Sprint. It activates (Hands Free Activation), restarts, then activates again in a continuous loop. I don't know if it's on Sprint's end, or if its their UICC SIM card. I'm not even sure if it's the phone itself because it's doing the same thing on the replacement phone that Amazon sent to me.

  • Ginny - Unfit Mom of Seven, with no time to exercise......

    I've only been using T25 for 5 days. I am not affiliated with the Beachbody company at all. Over the last four and a half months I have lost 87 pounds and then I GOT STUCK. The scale would not budge. My 19 year old daughter begged me to buy this program and the fist workout, Cardio 1.0, completely kicked our butts, and I was hooked! I have lost 7 pounds over the last 5 days, the scale is moving again.

  • Mother of Three Beautiful Children - I really like the headphones

    I actually rate this 4.5 Stars...I really like the headphones. Sound quality is great, battery lasts a long time, it charges fast and it's a great product especially for the price. The only reason why I didn't rate it 5 stars is because of the ear piece... I don't know if it's just with me, but one of the ear hooks doesn't stay as well as the other one. Other than that it's a great product and I would definitely recommend it to others and purchase again!! This is my honest review...i didn't receive any perks for leaving this.

  • shala geiger - Bella Forrest has done it again with an amazing book that makes you live in another place and ...

    The Gender Game really put a new spin on the realities of the world if it were split into a female side and a male side. Matrus and Patrus are two different worlds with each side looking down on the other species.