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  • Amazon Customer - I love the show but it is getting tired and saggy

    The show lacks something that it used to have. I have been watching it from the beginning on Life Time. The story lines, the inter action of the characters and the plots, always fast moving and going some place. Every character was involved.

  • Sjoblom - Chyatte - Not Well Organized, But Still a Great Healing Diet

    First off, I am huge into holistics and eating a natural diet. I have not shopped at a "typical grocery store" in nearly a decade. I can't imagine how confused I would be if I ate the SAD (Standard American Diet) and had to figure this book out. I feel it is not written for the typical American. After you "figure out the diet" it is fantastic and very healing. The Book's Problem: there is a lot of great reading and information in this book but the "stages" of the diet are not well organized. I had to read the book twice and make my own notes which I typed into my own mini-book. Donna, the author, needs to be more explicit with the stages of the diet. What is stage one....what is stage 2; she is all over the place in the book. you will find things on stage one in the beginning of the book and then find more stage one info 200 pages into the book. She also contradicts herself or she leaves some things out and puts it in other chapters; consequently making you go fish for the answers. With a great amount of research, I did figure it out but I feel most of my effort could have been better used on learning how to follow the Diet Principles. Again, once you figure it out and implement the "Principles" it is a very healing diet that is helping to cure my chronic disease. Lastly, I was NOT at all put-off with her mentioning her products. That is one thing that I found very helpful for beginners of the diet. I also found there were many times she could have mentioned her products and she did not. She also tells you what is in her products and how to take/use them if you decide to buy from another source. I am surprised at how many people mentioned this negatively in their review of the book. The last thing the book does is try to sell you products.

  • Chuck D - Excellent purchase !

    Ive only had these a few hours and they sound awesome!! I own and have owned many pairs trying to find not only a quality solid sound but a comfortable fit that I can wear for 2-3 or more hours With technology ever changing my old powerbeats are getting left behind, plus they have issues. These have excellent sound w bass that beat my beats, they may 'break in' to sound better the controls are simple enough. Pairing w my iPhone 6 was a snap With the weight being extremely light combined with very soft ear hooks these should be able to be worn with out the ear fatigue ive experienced w others after just an hour. These came w a nice case various ear tips a lightning/mini charger wire and a cigarette plug base! For under 35$ yeah an easy five stars! They we're very well packaged as if the company is proud of there product as a company should be! I usually wear earbuds for hours a day so the duribility will be tested soon. (I guess I will find out about the brain tumor my oldest daughter says I'm going to get from Bluetooth too lol) For what it's worth I put comply ear tips on these, but I use them on all my ear buds.

  • Erica Green - Great sensory toy

    This may is very neat! I was looking for a toy to use for tummy time and this mat hit the nail on the head! My baby absolutely loves her water mat! Great sensory toy. My older child that is two also loves this water mat, she puts it on her lap and pushes around on it. Very well made no issues with leaking or anything. Keeps the kids entertained for a decent amount of time! I received this mat at a discount in exchange for my honest review and I recommend it

  • A. Jones - Love is ...

    This Suzuki seat belongs on a Wee like the color green on a dollar! Don't waste your time with expensive "custom" seats until you've tried this one first. Plus, next time I need anything for the bike I'll check whether I can get it from Louis Powersports at amazon; their shipping speed and prizes are great. I am VERY VERY happy with this purchase!

  • D. A. - Great product, better price than others for same unit and has a charger slot as well!

    Works very well with phone volume all the way up ad the adapter volume set to 22. Higher than that and it begins to distort. Still plenty of volume in the car. The plug fits very tight in the cigarette lighter which is great, the plug does not slip out or rotate. The flex shaft that holds the unit to the cigarette lighter allows some rotation to position the unit in however you prefer, to a point. It will not allow positioning to 180 degrees (if you have a rear-facing cigarette lighter for example, you would have to read the screen upside down, but worked fine for my car. It was easy to pair and setup for the station I wanted - 87.7. No static or hiss, even at high volume. To charge, you need your own USB cable to fit your phone. It does not have a power button, so is on all the time if you leave it plugged in. Just pull it out, then next time you enter the car, plug it back in and it pairs, no problem.

  • Dave - J K Lasser 1040 gets you prepared!

    Excellent read, prepares you well for the upcoming tax season, they need to provide the updates sooner than late February, by that time you are so busy with work issues.