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  • J. Gray - awesome supplement

    If you're looking for a natural strength and energy booster, then this stuff works great. When you use this, you can definitly feel the difference when you train, I researched this stuff just to be sure it didn't contain steroids because the endurance I got made me feel like it did. For a 250 lb martial artist, my cardio is excellent while taking this, and the strength gains/muscle endurance are good as well. Of all the methoxy supps I've used, this is by far my favorite. Only side affect is a little more aggression, but nothing crazy. I find it helps during training.

  • kindred spirit - Not just for kids...Just Dance is for Everyone.

    Another winning Just Dance. This is called for Kids but it is really for everyone. It does have songs for children and uses children as the dancers. I like just about all the songs. I have most of the Just Dance workouts. What I like best with this new one is all the added positive reinforcement. Blasts and swirls of light when you get a perfect. I like how the right hand you hold the remote it is on fire makes it even easier to follow. I'm not very coordinated but you still get moving and have fun doing it.

  • Luca - Horrible Movie

    One of the worst movies ever. Truthfully, it is just TERRIBLE. There isn't any part of this movie that deserves anything but the lowest review. Save your money and look somewhere else for entertainment.

  • Rachael Benedict - Couldnt believe it actually worked!

    I'm not one to trust products that claim bodily enhancement, but I decided to give it a try after reading what felt like a thousand reviews on multiple websites. My best way to described this product is, "HOLY CRAP!" I use half the dosage recommended (1 pill a day) and have incredible results after a week and a half. My rear is lifted and firmer, my husband also noticed a big difference, and loves it! I will most definitely purchase again, and again... And again! Mix 1 pill a day with some squats and butt ups and you will see results!

  • suelapue - IT IS WORKING!

    We both have pain issues due to arthritis. So, why not try this product? We are and my hubby started first then I did and it is working!

  • Heather Vandiver - My new favorite shoe!

    These shoes are just absolutely amazing. I bought these a little unsure if they would be good for 5 days of Disney World. They're cute, airy and lightweight. Easy slip on which was good for a speedy airport security checkpoint. They feel like water shoes. My shoes got soaked from rain, puddles, and wet rides. But that night, the insoles slipped right out and I was able to quickly blow dry the entire shoe and they were ready to wear again the next morning. Third day, I realized the shoes were incredibly tight after taking them off my swollen from excessive walking feet. Swelling went down and the shoes fit alright again. One thing I noticed was, and I'm not sure if it was because my socks were thinner than before or because it was the cement walkway next to a beach but the bottom of my feet were burning hot, like walking on summer sand barefoot during peak sun hours. However, that was the only time and place it happened. I can't tell you how many miles these shoes have endured and you couldn't guess it; they still look nearly brand new in condition. Beyond outstanding, must have footwear. I honestly don't think I could have bought a better shoe for my vacation.