The Northwind Group | Townhomes for 55 and Better - The Northwind Group’s townhomes for 55 and better are beautiful additions that bring value wherever they are built.

  • Why The Northwind Group | Long Island | 55 and Better - Northwind’s award-winning communities are designed to complement your active lifestyle and accommodate your expectations.
  • 55 and Better Communities | The Northwind Group - At Northwind’s active adult communities, men and women of discerning taste gather together to enjoy a lifestyle of fun and entertainment.
  • Bayport Meadow Estates | The Northwind Group | Townhomes - Our 148-townhome community is the perfect place for adults 55 and better to continue a low-maintenance life full of activity and adventure.
  • The Amelia | The Northwind Group | Long Island - The expansive Amelia model townhome is designed to impress starting with the cathedral ceiling of the dining area and great room and the stairway.
  • The Earhart | The Northwind Group | Long Island - The classic elegance of the Earhart townhome model suits any décor. The expansive great room and dining area are overlooked by the second floor loft.
  • The Nichols | The Northwind Group | Long Island - The Nichols model features an open floor plan design on the first floor, with the great room, dining area, breakfast nook and beautifully-tiled kitchen.
  • The Peltier | The Northwind Group | Long Island - When you step into the Peltier model, you’ll immediately notice the gracious kitchen & breakfast area leading toward the spacious great room & dining area.
  • Eastport Meadows | The Northwind Group | Long Island - Revel in the good life in the custom-built homes of Eastport’s premier community for today’s active homeowners age 55 and better.
  • The Mallard | The Northwind Group | Long Island - Convenience and simple elegance work together to create an ideal living environment in the Mallard model. Located at Eastport Meadows in Eastport, NY.
  • The Widgeon | The Northwind Group | Long Island - The high ceilings throughout the entire first floor of the Widgeon model create an aura of spacious comfort. Located at Eastport Meadows in Eastport, NY.
  • Village Vistas | The Northwind Group | Townhomes - The prestigious Village of Port Jefferson, Village Vistas offers an unparalleled townhome living experience for today’s active 55 and better homeowners.
  • The Harborview | The Northwind Group | Long Island - The Harborview model is a two-floor townhome featuring an elevator, full walkout basement & two-car garage located at Village Vistas in Port Jefferson, NY.
  • The Soundview | The Northwind Group | Long Island - The Soundview model is a two-floor townhome with full walkout basement & two large master bedrooms & baths located at Village Vistas in Port Jefferson, NY.
  • Proposed Communities | The Northwind Group | 55 and Better - Our goal, as always, is to create a community that enhances and enriches the neighborhood. Join us in supporting your community.
  • Stony Brook Graduate Community | The Northwind Group - Designed to complement the historic community, while simultaneously providing a style of housing that graduate, post-doctoral & health professionals desire.
  • Rental Communities | The Northwind Group | 55 and Better - Northwind commits to redeveloping commercial sites into luxury communities for today’s active adults.
  • Contact | The Northwind Group | 55 and Better Communities - Click to view contact and sales office information for the Northwind Group in Long Island, NY

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