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  • Jose Bassist - i really like hard cases and this one really fits good

    i really like hard cases and this one really fits good. my only problem with it is that the rubber edges will eventually rip apart from the case. if you're like me and keep your phone in your pocket; it'll happen to you too.

  • Patrick Ramirez - Nephilim,along with the Wicked,Destroyed during flood of Noah's Day

    I wonder how many know that there is some truth to the story of Hercules? Here are the truths: Hercules did indeed have a godlike father. Zeus? The bible account says at Gen 6:1,2 that the Son's of the true God (Angels) began to notice that the daughters of men were Beautiful, so they began taking wives. Verse 4 starts to describe the Nephilim, the sons who were born to these Angels.they were the Mighty men of old times the Men of Fame. These Nephilim were Hybrids, not normal. God did not intend for Angels to mate with women. Not Natural. see JW.ORG info

  • Maria Beatriz Pena - Very Worthwhile

    A great buy. My parents have been swearing by Tylenol Extra Strength lately, so I thought that I should get some travel-sized tubes before going on vacation. At first, it kind of felt like overkill to order 4 tubes at once, but they came in very handy pretty quickly; one of them was part of my first aid kit for our vacation, another went straight to my purse so that I'd always have a tube while on the go (especially at work), a third one is on my mom's bedside table so that it's handy now that she's sick, and the fourth is a backup for when any of us run out.

  • Velocipede - Sealed my water pump leak in 15 minutes!!!!

    My 2005 Porsche Cayenne S(4.5L V8) was 1500 miles away from home, when I discovered the Serpentine belt-driven water pump was leaking at the spinning pulley shaft seal. While away from home - I ordered a new pump, Porsche coolant and Serpentine belt to be sent to my home address, so I can replace it myself later. The big challenge was now returning home safely. The leaky water pump was slinging a light mist of coolant in the engine bay and droplets was exiting the lower belly pan. I was losing a quart of coolant, per week. As long as the water pump was spinning at highway speeds, coolant loss was at a bare minimum. I had lots of luck with Liquid Aluminum in my Audi Quattro 2.7L twin I was confident it was safe for the same G12 type coolant in all VW/Audi/Porsche cars.

  • Samuel A. Kolko - Absolute Junk

    Absolute Junk !!!! Rachet WILL NOT lock Yellow tool apart on first usage YOU EXPECT POOR QUALITY WHEN YOU BUY CHEAP BUT THIS IS CRAZY

  • Ashley - Great game!

    Received code immediately! Can play on my Xbox One and switch right over to PC. Beautiful graphics, great game play. JD Fenix is awesome! Game is amazing!!

  • Dr. Julie Donalek - Dissapointing

    I was surprised by the really dry writing style. I didn't feel that it fully did justice to the topic.