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  • Earmagination - Great product.

    At first I included Zeal in my smoothies but later realized that this may dilute the formula somewhat. So I started mixing with 6 oz. of liquid and got better results. Increased energy. I noticed no elevation in blood pressure since I continue to take medication.

  • KRS10 - I really like asics shoes and my other (old) pair is a ...

    I really like asics shoes and my other (old) pair is a true size 8. I really like everything about this shoe but it's just a little on the small size. I probably should've gotten an 8.5 but I can live with 8.

  • Let's Go Oakland - Nation's leading tax expert says this book is invaluable

    I have testified on Capitol Hill before The National Commission on Restructuring the IRS and have appeared on Good Morning America with Charlie Gibson. My firm, IRSTAXES.COM is the nation's leading tax negotiation company. Jeff Schnepper does a fabulous job of showing the average taxpayer how to reduce their taxes in plain, clear language. The book is invaluable to every American.

  • kelsey - And this little thing is awesome!.

    Just received it today via ups... Don't really know if there is a break in period but decided to do it anyways... 2 hours without a load, 2 hours at 50% and 2 hours at 75%... And this little thing is awesome!... Just hooked up to our 28ft 5th wheel -Fleetwood wilderness- and is running everything in camper (13,500btu ac,hot water heater, fridge, lights and everything in between) and that was 75% load... If I flipped the fridge and hot water heater over to gas I bet I could get both space heaters going... But without ac and with fridge and hot water heater on electric it was about 50% load... All in all it seems like it will fit our needs in west tx- keeping the space heater going in the winter and ac going in the summer in case of power outages...

  • Hernan - Callaway 2011 Hyper Lite 4.0

    Light weight and versatile, but neither the materials nor the workmanship seem durable. May need another bag after a couple of seasons. Time will tell. Also, don't be fooled by the picture, the model Charcoal Black and White is not the one pictured, the one pictured is Charcoal/Black/Orange/White but after a month and 5 phonecalls to amazon, they have still not corrected it. In the last 3 phone calls, they said they would.

  • Vera Appleyard - The Niacin You Are supposed to Take

    This is the right niacin if you are trying to lower bad cholesterol. Apparently the flush-free stuff does not have the same impact. I found this out after buying a bunch of the other. Toss them and got this. Now the flushing is INTENSE. I turn bright red. I did some research and found a simple fix - 1000 mg of quercetin and hour before taking the niacin. The flushing is much less intense and it allows you to get used to the dose while initially taking it. Some people do an aspirin but that didn't really help me much.

  • Beth Lillis - A Warm Holiday Book

    Every year Debbie Macomber writes a new Christmas novel and this year’s book is a wonderful addition to this tradition. In The Twelve Days of Christmas, Julia’s neighbor Cain angers her; she merely is a very cheerful person. He won’t talk to her, barely returning her greetings seemingly wanting her to leave him alone. Then, he steals her newspaper when she is standing right next to him. Julia doesn’t think Cain is in the Christmas Spirit at all and she sets out to change that