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  • AD83628384 - This is the greatest thing ever for traveling with your dogs

    This is the greatest thing ever for traveling with your dogs. My dog loves to go all over the place in the car and he's getting too big to put his kennel in the car each time. I decided to try these to see how they worked. They were perfect! They went into the seat belt buckle perfectly (used in two different vehicles: ford and dodge). My dog had a little wiggle room, but that can be adjusted. He loves that he could move around and look out the window and I didn't have to worry about where he was wandering off to.

  • Andy - Great game. Get it!

    Good game so far. Great graphics and lots of fun. Sound's are solid and the unreal engine is flawless as always in delivering a great game.

  • John W. Ellis II - Waiting for Results

    I've been taking this for quite awhile now... and haven't seen any results in the least. If I don't by the end of this bottle, forget it. I gave it a good four month run. You're better off buying a bike.

  • R. Dionne - Bendy as promised

    I bought to repair a few of my iPhone cables that were coming frayed at the connector spots. This stuff was pretty easy to use, though not as easy as the product video makes it look. The consistency is somewhat firmer (and stickier) than play-dough. Once I left it to set, it firmed up and remained bendable as promised. It worked great for repairing my cables, and I have a few other ideas of what I can use it for.

  • I'm Me - A little puzzled...

    Unlike other reviewers, I didn't have any problems with the the Playstation Camera recognizing movements. On the contrary-judging by my on-screen avatar- it tracks movement quite well. I move and my avatar replicates those moves on screen, so I don't think there is a problem with the PS Camera itself.