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City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Nate - My purpose for this software was different than most

    I'm a truck driver, and often I would get route directions with "googled" local directions, that, quite frankly, half the time were wrong. I purchased this software hoping that even when I didn't have an internet connection, I could see all the routes on the way to my destination. I have to say that this product worked pretty well for me with this use in mind. There are no truck roads marked, but common sense will tell you when a road is most likely a truck road. Some features that really made my life a lot easier are 1) when you zoom in to the interstate, you can see exit numbers AND arrows you can follow all the way from exiting to getting "dumped" onto a street, so you will know which way to go; and 2) if you zoom in close enough, you will be able to see when a street is a divided highway, so you will know if you need to come around at it from a different direction.

  • Zachary Yaw - The wrench broke within minutes of using it for the ...

    The wrench broke within minutes of using it for the first time. I have a socket wrench I bought at the dollar store which was built more sturdily. Completely, absolutely worthless. Do not buy this product.

  • Jeff Cottrill - This works great!!

    My wife is always looking for a good face cleaner to use, so when I saw this Organic Facial Cleanser for all skin types - The only 100% natural face wash for everyday use - The most Organic skincare line made only from Oils, Butters and Extracts I had to get it for her.

  • Valerie Frentz - Could live without.

    The reason I give this product three stars because it does rapidly charge your phone but you can't just set your phone on there you gotta find the right spot for it to connect your phone and start charging it makes me feel like plugging it in is just as easy as trying to find the right spot for it to charge. Otherwise great product like the fact that you can have it on the charger and just grab it and go without any wires.

  • FirePepper Red - Great Product But Price is Too High

    The Fekkai glossing starter kit is a bit pricey but it lives up to its promise of providing gentle cleansing along shiny hair. I have wavy hair and found that the shampoo and conditioner left my hair looking great without any oily residue. The fragrance is a pleasant citrus like aroma that lasts throughout the day. The downside to this product is that it is expensive. To add insult to injury you only get about 4 oz worth of product for the $20 plus dollars you spend! To be fair, this does include shampoo, conditioner, and a shining cream. Also worth noting is that it seems like you need less of the Fekkai shampoo to get your hair clean, though this may be a subconscious attempt at trying to use less of this stuff because it so expensive. Overall if money is no object than the Fekkai glossing starter kit is a great product. For the rest of us it may be too expensive despite how well it works.