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  • Phillip S. Greene - How black rule works and what its consequences are

    Well, black rule destroyed Detroit and Atlanta and East ST. Louis, and Camden, NJ. Suprise, Suprise, it has doomed Birmingham, Alabama too. Watch out, your city is next in line, says this book and many others, seemingly all out at once.

  • T. Graham - Not worth it but Intuit is great at extortion

    I had to upgrade bc they only support your software for 3 years then disable the ability to download. The "new" version has some aesthetic changes but nothing huge. The cloud/mobile functionality is a joke--it is SLOW!! You can't download to mobile, you have to download to desktop, then sync to the cloud to get it available on the mobile app. All the downloading is soooo slow, it takes over 5 minutes to sync my 12 accounts each day. There is NO new rental property functionality compared to 3 years ago, I really feel like I just wasted a bill and a quarter.

  • Brandyn - Works well; gold plastic looks cheap

    Works well and is less bulky than the other external battery I have with the same capacity. The gold looks like cheap plastic in my opinion, but that isn't surprising for the price you pay for the product.

  • molly - Great for muscle aches

    I was surprised to see the peachy color of this Hot Cream for Cellulite, Muscle, Pain Relief 250g from Baebody. I have seen no improvement on cellulite so far or any firming of skin at all. I will continue to try it, and keep my hopes high though due to the combination of natural ingredients and the potency of the product. The hot cream does contain aloe, sweet basil, black pepper, cinnamon leaf, eucalyptus, citronella, ginger root, lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary, German chamomile, juniper berry, pine, pink grapefruit, helichrysum, white camphor, spearmint, and other ingredients. I love to see so many natural ingredients in one product instead of seeing a bunch of things that I do not recognize at all. It is a pretty good muscle rub also, and has a fairly strong minty smell to it. It has almost an ice to hot feeling when rubbed into your muscles. It says that it is a 20 minutes therapy on the front of the jar and the effects definitely last for that amount of time or more. Do make sure that you wash your hands after use so you do not get it anywhere unintentionally and cause yourself a great deal of pain. A good cream that I hope will do a little cellulite work also. I did receive this product at a reduced rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Chris Burgardt - It's a miracle

    We have old hardwood floors which have been refinished so many times, they need to be replaced. We don't really want to spend the money, so we've been applying this shine for a few months. It doesn't fix underlying stains, but it does add a shine the floor wouldn't have otherwise.

  • Chango - Very disappointed on this product and disappointed on Samsung did not ...

    Very disappointed on this product and disappointed on Samsung did not do nothing for my very expensive tv VERY DISAPPOINTED!