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  • Cow Town Girl - Get smart. Stop eating crap and fix your life. Sugar will kill you.

    Gut health makes sense. Donna Gates is very experienced in this topic and deserves respect for her wisdom in taking good care of your gut. There is plenty of science substantiating that keeping the good and bad bacteria in your system balanced that determine overall good or bad health. If you aren't up on the idea that the gut has it's own brain and that the micro organisms living in and around you may be running your show, read up.

  • Angela J. Star - On the course to significant recovery

    This book will really help you if you are like me. Someone with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, allergies (food and environmental) plus all the other symptoms associated with them. It starts with your gut. I'm just starting this journey but I think I have finally hit on the course that will bring me significant recovery.

  • Russ - Great Item!!!

    Had this on for almost a year now, and hasn't started to peel up yes. GREAT ITEM to tone down the shiny gold of the bow tie. Prefect size!!

  • Mr C - Pretty nasty plasticity smell.

    The costume runs pretty large. Was too large for my three year old... Also it has a pretty nasty plasticity smell...

  • Moataz - Basically I hate games that are based on the online experience

    I have never played battlefield before, so this is the first one in the series. Basically I hate games that are based on the online experience. But this game is a masterpiece, this is the only thing I can say. I'm enjoying the campaign a lot as well as the online. It is addictive. Everything in this game is perfect. I can't find a single flaw. The gameplay so fluid, sounds, graphics, etc. you feel like being in a real war, meanwhile I like how Dice made the gamer feels bad about being involved in the war and that nobody will survive at the end. This was a clever idea. I'm in love with this game