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  • Tollers - Overall the product looks like it might be an improvement

    Finally decided to upgrade from my 5 year old Edge 800 to this new Edge 820. So far my opinions are mixed. Overall the product looks like it might be an improvement, but has some niggling faults. I cannot recommend buying one at this moment

  • ACB. Bingman - My water tastes great

    I have a few refrigerators in my house and it is always difficult finding replacement filters without spending big bucks on them. I found this on here, and figured I would give it a try. It was not hard to get this out of the box and into the refrigerator. It puts out filtered water and it tastes great. The product has lasted for a few weeks now and I havent had any problems. I hope these will last me a while, they are definately worth the price.

  • casey - I do recommend start early studying I only had 2 weeks so ...

    I took my test in nov an got a 64 an passed the program I needed to get in.. I also got the flash cards. I do recommend start early studying I only had 2 weeks so I study the reading an math section only, those are pretty much the big things on majority of the exam.

  • Amazon Customer - GIVE IT A SHOT!

    This stuff is awesome!! I have been balding for years now as a young male and I can tell you it's no fun at all. I saw some youtube videos of this and thought I would give it a try. I shake a little bit of it on in the morning, takes 2-3 minutes maybe 5 if you are super picky about how it looks. After that it looks as if I have thick dark hair on top of my head and stays on for the whole day "if you spray it with hair spray".

  • Mark Kurowski - This is a great little device

    This is a great little device, and it's been reliable so far. My car has bluetooth but only for phone calls; it has an audio jack (I guess it'd be called "line-in"). I have a cord with a plug at both ends to connect my phone to the car, but I hate plugging/unplugging it from the phone over and over, fearing it's wearing out the phone. But now, with this Aukey bluetooth receiver, I don't worry anymore. It works well for audio, and it also handles the phone calls just fine.

  • Christopher Geannakopoulos - I am extremely pleased to have used this product

    After much research online, I gave this product a try. My car was throwing a P0430 code, and an additional shadow code. Nissan told me my 2002 Pathfinder with 124k miles needed a new cat for the price of $1300+. Obviously, I laughed and went the alternative route. The P0430 code was only on for about a month, and it was sort of intermittent, so I felt that the parameter of "below threshold" to me meant the cat was still working, but just slightly under "code". Nonetheless, I tried this product, and after about 300 miles, the light went off. It has been over 1200 miles since, and the light has not returned. In that time, I was able to get my car inspected to avoid that whole mess. For this, I am extremely pleased to have used this product.

  • brizzyy - Wasn't for me.

    This was recommended to me in my search for a good co-wash product. I have slightly wavy Caucasian hair.