How to Stop Biting Nails | Nail Biter's Toolkit - Learn how to stop biting your nails and be free of this habit. The Nail Biter's Toolkit will provide accountability and motivation to help you quit.

  • My Story | Nail Biter's Toolkit - Hi! My name is Travis Grubesky. I was a nail biter for 15 years. I was frustrated, upset, embarrassed and just plain tired of the nail biting habit and how it
  • Nail Biter's Toolkit Blog | Nail Biter's Toolkit - Information and posts on the topic of Nail Biting. Learn how to stop biting your nails.

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  • Charles A. Ray - Read this summary before you buy

    Habits, forms of behavior that become ingrained through repetition and practice can affect our lives for better or worse. Summary of the Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg by Book Summary is a detailed of investigative journalist Charles Duhigg’s book on how ordinary people can use habits to change their lives, and how self-destructive habits can be damaging.

  • Draigg - Another awesome UAG case!

    I've had the iPhone 4, 4s & 5s and used UAG cases on each. I've tried many other cases and this one, IMHO, stands head & shoulders above the others. Now on my new 6 Plus this remains the case. Perfect fit, secure, strong, light and of course, very attractive. This is the first clear one I've had. Ordinarily I don't care what color my iPhone is because the case covers it. This time I pre-ordered my phone so I asked for the Gold/White and now I can have the peace of mind of putting on a very secure case AND can see the color of the back. I can even enjoy the small retro rainbow Apple logo sticker I put on it! I highly recommend this case!