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  • - Great buy

    Such a better deal online than in-store. I didn't realize I could purchase the program to be installed on my device as long as I have it. I thought I had to renew my service every year but this discovery saved me tons of time and money.

  • JM Smith - Improvement over the old model

    I had one of the original Worx grass whackers. Got it with 2 batteries about 8 years ago, and have used it each year, alternating the batteries with one charging while I use the other. It finally died when I tried to use it this Spring, and both batteries seem to have gotten tot he point they won't hold a charge. Searched for replacement batteries and couldn't find. They would have been as expensive as a new machine anyway, so I just decided to get a new Works GT 2.0 grass whacker with the 20v batteries. Got an extra battery and also a blower that uses the same battery, so I'm all set for another 8 years. This new GT 2.0 seems more powerful than the old one, and also seems to run longer. Was able to whack through 1/4 inch ivy branches that are taking over the back yard and chop them back. Had to hold the GT 2.0 on them for a while, but it would eventually eat through at least 1/4 inch thick stuff. Since I already had the original of this machine I figured this one would also be good, and I am positively impressed so far. Like the wheels you can flip between edger and mower position too. That's a new feature. The old one just had wheel in an edger position and if you used it to mow grass, you could not keep a level cut.

  • Alice W. - I am still fat.................

    What can I say, this pills do nothing for me,. Maybe I have to buy 10 more boxes at 72 caplets a box or buy the men's supplement, they seem to have better luck or so the TV advertise. Better luck to someone else. A.P....................

  • mherbst55 - Nonprogressive software

    I've been with Quicken for over a decade now. I use Quicken Deluxe 2001 (spreadsheet style budgeting tool; simple access to all features through editable sidebar tabs, etc.) and have tried the different versions up to about 2006, at which point I quit due to lack of any meaningful progress. However, I decided to try Quicken Deluxe 2011 since the reviews say Intuit's purchase of brought new ideas into the latest release. Ultimately I was again disappointed. In an era where beauty and elegance is in vogue in software design (Money 2008, Office 2010, etc.) Quicken is actually going backwards. Aesthetically, the older packages (2002, 2003, etc.) were much nicer looking. The sidebar feature is down-right plain looking. The toolbar area and buttons are also plain. Overall, access to the features gets more strewn across the landscape with each release, and 2011 follows suit. It's probably the worst of all. All-in-all the tools do not even feel like part of the package as each opens up in a window separate from the main application window. Quicken 2001 had the same separate windows, but they could be docked and accessed via tabs on the left side of the application where the sidebar now resides; this made the app easy to customize, centralized the tools in one easily organized area, and gave it a well-integrated feel. Moreover, in 2011 tools like debt reduction, cash-flow forecasting, category lists, etc. continue to have the same basic look and feel as they did in 2001, but with just a little different paint. I love Quicken Deluxe 2001. It's elegant, efficient, highly customizable, and the interface is not unattractive. But then again I'd hoped Intuit would find ways to improve on that layout over time. That hope was not only left unfulfilled, but they actually messed up a fairly smart design. I hate to rake Intuit like this because software producers have a difficult job. Software never wears out, so if you write the perfect program, what do you do for an encore? That said, the Quicken software package in my opinion lacks any real direction, with most releases simply wandering around in a half-hearted manner from one half-baked idea to another. I suggest that Intuit get in or get out--develop a vision and a plan, or just call it a day. However, on a more positive note, if someone new to money management software is looking for a program to use, Quicken will get the job done. Just don't expect anything more from Intuit than a languishing program, though. (To be fair, Microsoft has the same problem with their Office suite).