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  • Paper Artist - sold!

    I bought this at Sally's and jumped at the chance to try it. I've wanted to try wen but again like others say, the price is high. I bought the one for color treated hair. I'm Hispanic with short ethnic hair that's color treated, not relaxed and usually wear it curly. I followed the directions and did not use a wide tooth comb in the shower. I think I used about 16 pumps in total. I let it sit in my hair while i shaved and shower and then rinsed out. At first I was skeptical cause I'm use to using a heavy conditioner and it just didn't feel soft enough for me, but when i towel dried my hair i then put three pumps in just to define my curls. I used nothing else. It worked out very well. My hair is super soft and the curls are really defined even in the insane hot humid 100 degree weather here in Tx. This is a winner. I'm going to try the one for dry hair to see which one I like best, but I tell you i'm not going back to reg shampoo that strips my color any more....

  • been there done that - good stuff

    This stuff works great and does not have the bleach smell of other scouring materials. It is a little expensive but lasts awhile.

  • Super Mum - Easy enough for a child... complex enough for an adult

    I think the true testament to this product is that my 9 year old child was able to sit down with zero instructions and figure it out in a couple minutes. He was able to change from pen to paintbrush to any of the other tools right away. He was able to change colors, add geometric shapes/designs, erase, change brush size/shape/nibs, make straight lines, use symmetry, etc. without any instruction or assistance. The main reason I chose this product was to find a way to further inspire the comics he draws (for a child they are so good they could easily be published). Using the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro he was able to draw his comics he typically freehand draws much faster and "better" as he can now make a perfect circle and even lines without dragging out tools he never used with paper. While there are other products that are capable of similar functions, this is extremely easy to use. We have, and regularly do use Photoshop for different functions but the complex menus are more complicated to find and use for sketching. With Autodesk Sketchbook Pro the primary function is drawing/painting and everything you need is right on the screen and can quickly be accessed by hovering over a menu until it expands. Also, the cost difference between this product and Photoshop is expansive if you are only planning on using it for sketching and wouldn't be justified. Photoshop, my favorite as the photographer of the family, is in my opinion is a perfect program for photography rather than sketching and therefore would explain why it is not as user friendly for this function.

  • K. V. - Great stuff

    This worked well for me. It did not start "working" until the second or third day but I did use this product all the way through. I felt cleaner and less bloated afterward. I recommend allowing yourself plenty of time to use it (full days allotted) so that you won't be "stuck" somewhere. I would only use this product a few times a year simply because it's not good to cleanse more than that amount of time. As far as taste, I could tell none (bland). A lot of folks don't like the taste of things but to me, if it's healthy, that shouldn't matter. Just chug it down. Anyways, I didn't lose any weight per se but felt good.

  • Jettrek - What's wrong with being old-fashioned?

    Absolutely nothing. I have been buying various Watkins products for years. The products are first-rate, high-quality. The health products avoid many synthetic ingredients. Try the Cooking products, such as herbs and oils.

  • G.S. - Wrong place for these types of reviews

    I must admit I am disappointed in some of my peers. Banter, jokes, harsh words, etc all have a place in aviation, but where they belong is in the Ready Room. Most of the enjoyment comes from seeing the look on someones face when they get called out publicly, and then try to justify themselves.....the rest of the enjoyment usually results in callsigns which others can rellish in as well. What is not desirable is publicly berating someone most of you do not even know. Sure it's fun to show others your comment and prove how much better you are (think you are is more accurate) than the author, but a real Ready Room, this attack behind someone's back would be considered pussy. Send an email, professionally council this SNA, make fun to his face, but talking s*** about a book that might help others, and one you haven't even read, shows a real lack of class and professionalism. Yuck it up now, and comment about me all you want as well, but this s*** is the wrong forum. Btw, I know and have flown with the author. The intent behind this book is not necessarily the title. GFY!

  • Vikki - Easy to use & Great buy for a medium size grow area

    This is my first light setup, so I don't have anything to compare them with, but I can tell you my plants are thriving. We are very happy with the results in growth on our plants thus far. I haven't found anything I dislike about the lights, so I'll just share what I like about the 600w reflector light unit. Bought for use in a 4x2 bloom enclosure.