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  • UNWANTED PREGNANCY AFTER SEX - How to take single pill EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTIVE Risks & Other Methods - Unwanted Pregnancy Unprotected Sex Emergency Contraceptive Pill (i-Pill) single dose 1.5 mg Levonorgestrel to be taken within 72 hours (3days)
  • How to detect pregnancy home urine pregnancy test kit picture - At home easily privately 5 drops morning urine-Urine Pregnancy Test Kit Velocit Detects pregnancy few days after missed period-Not before missed period
  • What is safe period for sex to prevent pregnancy calendar method photo - Which are safe days for not getting pregnant One week before next menses and one week from first day of menses is safe period for sex SEE photo calendar
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  • mjbruiser - Great Minimal Bag

    This bag is built like a tank! We bought this for my son who just left on a two-year LDS Church mission and we expect that this bag well last throughout the mission and beyond. Timbuk2 has thought the design through from a biking perspective. The bag uses double closures of buckles and Velcro to make sure it stays closed. They have added a one-click strap adjustment that shortens the strap quickly for riding and they even added a second strap to clip around your waist to keep the bag firmly attached to your back. Lastly, the bag has a waterproof lining to keep your things dry in inclement weather. The bag is big enough to hold a MacBook Pro 13", along with other materials.

  • Jon Mitchell - Best FPS in the world

    I cannot believe this game is more fun that battlefield 4, but it is. I was not impressed by the beta, but the full game is absolutely amazing. Best FPS by miles.

  • Biomajorcritic - Not magic, but pretty darn good.

    I am 23 and have true combination skin -- oily, acne-prone T-zone with some dryness everywhere else. I have medium brown skin (I am Indian). I got the starter kit and use medium beige foundation first, then warmth, and then sometimes mineral veil (it has talc). I am not allergic to bismuth oxychloride. This makeup went on more smoothly and evenly than other makeup I have tried before. The little concealer brush plus the foundation actually improved my dark circles and little redness around my nose better than any other concealer I've had. So, all in all, I use this makeup every day (I have for about two months now), and I really like it.

  • georgene monday - This is a worthless program - they couldn't even answer ...

    This is a worthless program - they couldn't even answer any questions to help with why the program didn't work. I know it only cost 19.95, but don't sell a program that doesn't work or one that you can;t even get support for.

  • Lindsey - Don't Buy USED!

    I got mine used since I don't quite have the money for a new one and boy do I wish I got it new. The previous owner was DEFINITELY a smoker so it STINKS to high heaven. I also expected just the belt to be used and brand new pads to be sent, but the used pads were still stuck onto the belt (eww). I had to wait for new pads to be sent before I could use it and that took some time :/ There was also a part missing. The belt extender was missing, but I really didn't need it anyways since the belt alone is too big for me. The only reason it stays on is because the pads are so sticky.

  • M. Lorelli - This is the best printer I have ever owned

    This is the best printer I have ever owned. No more refilling ink cartridges and running out of ink in the middle of printing up my Christmas cards. I also get better quality printouts than my last printer, which was a different brand. Filling the ink in the cartridges was easier than refilling my old laser printer toner cartridge. I use Matt paper for the greeting cards. Best of all, the network connection worked the first time I installed the software and it prints very fast. No complaints - I highly recommend it. Oh, and the duplex option works fine but requires standard paper so it can flip the page inside of the printer.

  • J Madison - Stopped My Oil Leak!

    I've had a constant leak coming from my BMW for about 2 months, and after adding this oil stop leak product, the leak began to taper off and eventually dissappeared, must try if you have an engine leak!