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  • David A. Billig - Dilbert...yet another laugh from the depths of hell.

    Freaking brilliant effort once again. Scott is a corporate savant without the benefit of working the field for a couple of decades. A must re-re-read.

  • Malinda L. Mcdonald - A great vacumm

    Bought this for my sister and she says she is in love with it! We have one too, and definitely is a wonderful vacuum. Very powerful, easy to empty the canister, and frankly costs less than the Dyson, but works very much the same. Is also very light weight. Although it is basically plastic, it is surprisingly sturdy for that. So definitely would recommend this one.

  • C. Volk - Absolute Garbage

    This antenna could only be used as a paper weight to serve any purpose. I went from dozens of stations to none as soon as I applied this antenna. Absolutely Horrible.

  • Mary Russom - The most racist material I have ever read.

    The most racist material I have ever read. As a life-long (White) resident of Birmingham (69 years), I have lived through the civil rights era and beyond. I lived through the events of 1963, and they changed my perspective forever. I would not like to return to the Birmingham I knew before 1963. I do not suffer from White Guilt, because I was just a child before 1963, and see injustice where it exists. Sure, racism still exists in Birmingham and Alabama, and Black (and now Hispanic) citizens still are affected by it. Replete with bad grammar, misspellings and misstatements and distortions of fact, this book should be avoided by anyone hoping to gain insight into Birmingham and the events which shaped its future, I recommend Diane McWhorter's book, Carry Me Home, for starters.

  • J. Lee - Twists and turns

    Quick summary: A couples baby goes missing while they are out to dinner. As the clock ticks by is she still alive? Who took her? Why?

  • Sir Eric - Overpriced. Just eat less and move more.

    Way overpriced for what you get. This is just another gimmic in the weight loss world. If you want something that really works just eat less and move more. Save your money.

  • Krunal - Only overview of the GRE Test. Can not depend ...

    Only overview of the GRE Test. Can not depend on the complete preparation of the GRE. Does not worth money.