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  • Amazon Customer - Fit and secure

    Nice product fits my 9.7 Pro perfectly. The folio allows secure and easy handling of the iPad. Stylus holder is great, it secures the pin, yet allows easy retrieval.

  • Kenneth Bailey - It Did Not Work for Me.

    After taking about half of the bottle I did not see any improvement or any reduction in the pain that I have.

  • Erik - i like it But one major issue.

    I would give it 5 stars if only I can re download the songs I purchased with my PS3 on the 2014 version. I can't understand why I can't do that, rocksmith wants me to spend on another $100 on songs I had already bought. When I go on the game in the shop section the songs appear as rocksmith 2014, but you have to re buy them. I have the same account on my ps4. This is really low on rocksmith so I will not repurchase the same songs I bought in the 2014 version. Other than this I like the game but this is not cool on rock smiths part. If I can I will rent the 2014 version on the ps4 now and play all the songs I purchased that rocksmith wants me to buy again.

  • rosewood - Too expensive and does not work

    I have tried several of their products and will not be buying it anymore. First off, it is expensive, but if it did what it says it did, I could over look the cost. The PRIME90 (Vanilla) tastes terrible, it has a very strong aftertaste. If you mix it with a lot of different things it is bearable but then it becomes time consuming. SMART MIX & SUPERMIX - taste is not bad but does leave a vitamin aftertaste. XM PLUS - same as the supermix regarding taste etc, did not notice any energy benefits. XM AM and XM PM - no noticable benefit. The powder drink supplement mixes (supermix, smart mix, xm plus) they all do not mix well and need constant shaking or stirring,they settle to the bottom of your glass. The only product that works is the PREMIUM TEA- beware do not drink it every day, you will have the same effect as a laxative if not careful, the taste is not too bad. I did not notice any energy or weight loss as they advertise. The only way I would notice any nutritional benefits possible would be with blood work. I would go to a local health food or nutrion store instead of using this product, it will be cheaper to do that.

  • Eric Brooks - Couldnt get my game and i see no where for ...

    Couldnt get my game and i see no where for how to get a refund . Sony site displayed The Prepaid Card code you entered is incorrect or is no longer valid

  • Kezington - Could be better

    I've been taking this product for 10 days now. The AM blend is amazing it helps me stay focused in class and take notes better it's perfect don't change a thing. The PM blend makes my heart race when I try to fall asleep, I make it through the night but it is a restless sleep and since school has started back for me I need all the sleep I can get. Overall this a good product would I pay a 100 bucks for it again probably not.