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  • Snowplow - DON'T BUY! Labeled for sale only OUTSIDE THE U.S. and won't install!

    Product was labeled for sale only in (some non-US country, don't recall where now) and wouldn't install, so was essentially worthless. Neither Amazon nor the seller tech_direct would do anything about it. Won't buy software from either again.

  • Kiera W. - PRO: Hair Growth CON: Causes Acne

    This product is great for hair growth, but it causes acne. If you're one of the unlucky humans who have to deal with acne, I recommend taking this in increments. I would take it for a week then wait a week then take it again and so on. Even on medica websites, biotin is listed to cause acne in some. My hair grew about an inch for the while I took it but I didn't finish the bottle yet due to it making my acne worse and cause breakouts where I normally wouldn't have them.

  • Stephen Price - Decent quality but the directions don't match the 2016 Explorer body exactly

    Decent quality. I installed it on a 2016 Explorer. The directions don't exactly match up to the 2016 model, but I was able to make a solid install nonetheless.

  • WendyWidefoot - I DON'T EXPECT MAGIC!

    I find Neutrogena to be a dependable brand, but if it really did get rid of deep wrinkles one could not afford to buy it, because it would be magic!. I will just be happy softening the fine wrinkles (don't know what I would look like if I didn't use it).