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  • A. Partridge - Quite fun, but gets difficult quickly for beginner.

    First off, before buying Rocksmith, I'd never really played guitar. I picked up this game and a guitar at the same time. I absolutely love playing this game. The songs, the lessons, the games, they are all a lot of fun for a beginner. I assume the harder difficulties are fun for more experienced players. Although it isn't the big selling point of the game, I would recommend new players not forget to put some time in lessons and games to improve their skills. The songs aren't wasted time for learning, but the rest of Rocksmith is much better for learning.

  • Mary E. Peterson - An amazing product

    This stuff is fabulous -saves us hours of cleaning the gas grill. Just cook the meat on the foil and voila.

  • Paul Virtue - Didn't last long

    This was a gift and so by the time I opened it and started it using it two weeks had passed from date of purchase. Now I have been using it three weeks and it is dead but past the return deadline. It is a worthless paper weight.

  • Tyto - Excellent for the money.

    Out of the drawing programs I've tried--Corel Painter 10, GIMP, Paint.net, and Paint Tool Sai--this one is my favorite. The toolbars took a little while to get used to, not because they are complicated or confusing, but because I was so used to having to browse through a million menu options to find what I wanted. Sketchbook's tools and brush options are easy to locate and, for the most part, actually duplicate the effects of the real media tools they are named after (something I hadn't found in any other program).

  • Handyman - Replaced turbo-tax

    After years of using Turbo-Tax. I started having big problems with E-Filing one year. The next year I could not even load the software, tried two different disc's. Switched to H&R Block, and never looked back. Works for me, I have a fairly basic income tax, and it's CHEAPER. This is my third year now, and no problem.

  • Turkf - Pathetic

    Wow, this is one of the worst written books I have read. It is a shame as the outline of what could be a great story is there.