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  • Rainy Day - Not for me

    I am mixed (African American) with naturally oily, fine, tight curly hair. I usually put in a leave in conditioner and style as needed. I take pride in my curls and leaving my hair as natural as possible. A friend recommended this to me, knowing I LOVE anything containing coconut oil/milk. The first time I used it my hair (air) dried stiff and brittle. Assuming it was just thirsty or needing to adjust to a new conditioner I continued to use it for the next two weeks. Within that time period my hair became so dry it started breaking and falling out! I have never had a conditioner dry out my hair so badly as this did! It stripped every ounce of moisture I had! Not to mention it isn't even organic! I love the smell and had high hopes for this working but absolutely not worth the dry brittle feel it left behind!

  • N. Rocco - Great supplement for kids too!

    I have tried a lot of supplements and alternative treatments to help with my son's eye problems. He suffers from rosacea and ocular rosacea which cause blepharitis. He had virtually no symptoms til one day he shows up - at the age of 2 - with a lesion on his cornea. Well, once he had the surgery to remove the lesion and the awful steroid antibiotic stuff that can cause glaucoma, we still had to deal with the chronic bleph. This is a lot for a 2 year old. I had been giving him up to 5 drops of Cellfood in his juice daily but it was not til I gave him over ten drops a day did I notice his bleph symptoms got better - no more styes. Now he gets 20 drops daily and his mood is better too.

  • Sharon A Powell - Brock Beauty Hairfinity Hair Vitamins

    Brock Beauty Hairfinity Hair Vitamins really work to grow beautiful and luxurious hair. When I started taking the vitamins, my hair was breaking and would not grow. Now, after just two months, my hair is growing again, has a beautiful luster, and is thicker and healthier than ever before. I highly recommend it.

  • Susan Kennedy - Works outrageously good for me.

    Wow, after 2 days, it is really all it says it is. At least for energy. I'm not hungry so it definitely does something for hunger but I'm really thirsty which is good to drink lots of water so that's another plus. This was my "trial" and if it keeps up this way, and NO side effects, I'm staying with it. OH, and I lost almost a pound in two days.