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    ‘Conservative Revolution’ is the much-anticipated release by Cory Bestiality, after the success of his collaborative work on the ‘Real Solutions’ pamphlet. Effortlessly blending the Palaeofantasy, Historical Fiction and Political and Philosophical Satire genres, Bestiality creates a largely effective and revealing expose of the fallacies of Christian Fundamentalism and neoconservative ideology. Whilst lacking the insight and depth of ‘Real Solutions’, Bestiality’s new work is clearly inspired by similar writings, from Adolf Hitler’s stirring call to action, ‘Mein Kampf’, to Sarah Palin’s ‘Going Rogue; An American Life’ and ‘Six Days: The Age of the Earth and the Decline of the Church’, Ken’s Ham’s insightful treatise on the evils of scientific thought in modern society. For all his efforts, however, Bestiality’s piece unfortunately falls short of the intellectual rigour of Ted ‘Unabomber’ Kaczynski’s manifesto: ‘Industrial Society and Its Future’. Regardless, ‘Conservative Revolution’ provides the reader with all the twists and turns of Orr and Kitching’s seminal work ‘The Butterflies of Australia’.

  • C. Stlaurence - Great Product

    I love this thing! I've used it about 5 times so far and everything works great. The only thing that kept me from rating 5 stars is that the stoneware doesn't fit tightly into the crockpot so it's wobbly when stirring something or carrying the whole thing around. The "warm" setting is a little too hot for some things like pulled pork, but fine for chilis and soups.

  • Dr. Daniel Brewer - An heirloom quality, beautiful gift

    I've given a number of the annual ornaments from Swarovski as gifts, and they are always a hit. A friend of mine has the complete collection of snowflakes and stars (they alternate every other year) ornaments from 1993 to present. He recently made the decision to move the ornaments from his amazing Christmas tree, so that he could display them on their own. He hangs them from his crystal foyer chandelier so they dangle below. It makes for an impressive presentation that catches the light, and most peoples attention who enter his home. But whether this is your first or your twentieth Swarovski piece, buy with confidence knowing you are buying quality crystal that can last for generations.

  • Austin Keeney - Very Functional, High-Quality Shoes

    I bought these shoes three months ago for everyday use as well as for exercise and recreation. I typically exercise three times per week and do not run very often. I have been using Nike products for years and have usually been satisfied with their products. My pair was a good fit. They fit accurately compared to the size I require. They were broken in after about a week of wearing, but needed to be stretched out wider. This caused some discomfort at first. But once they had been fully broken in, I had no more issues with it.

  • joanne m schisler - Before I realized it sucked, I bought another one cause the first one ...

    This product did not work. I bought one and 2 weeks later still no grass. Before I realized it sucked, I bought another one cause the first one emptied out so fast. All they sent me was seed and the plastic container! I cannot recommend this product at all!! I only have one star cause I had no choice. My choice is no stars! The green stuff stayed on my hands for days. It was awful!

  • One Human Family - Easy to adjust, features a timer, amazing coverage! Perfection!

    I absolutely love this laser light! We spend countless hours every single year, putting up and taking down a large number of strands of Christmas lights. We will no longer have to climb ladders and put up hooks for those strands. We tried this out even though it's too soon for Christmas lights and it is perfect! The lights completely cover one side of our home and can even be adjusted to cover the trees beside it! This is perfect for anyone who enjoys have Christmas lights and is tired of all the work they require yearly. They are green and red, can be adjusted to be spaced close together or farther apart. Making it extremely easy to adjust to the size of what you need to cover in lights, and the range on how far they shine is great! They can be seen from a good distance away or adusted to shine close. I am amazed at the quality and coverage. This will be the only Christmas lights we use from now on. They also feature a timer so you won't forget to turn them off every morning.