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  • Steven D. - The BOMB

    These wireless earbuds are the best. I would buy them again. Battery life 3 hours of music. I only wish someone would create an 8 hour battery. Great sound.....

  • Daniel - Exellent

    I have only one word to describe my opinion about the element Ti4 box, “Amazing” this box has more than expected, the remote and the options you have to control it are very user friendly, the HD output is great and excellent quality, to get Kodi going it will take any person with a little knowledge of XBMC a few minutes, great box the best in the market according to my opinion.

  • Steve Riley - Horrible software!

    Recently I changed my windows password, and that was the end of Acronis. I spent 3 hours researching and trying to get it working again to no avail. People on Acronis's forum said they'd had this same issue for years. Acronis never answers issues on their own forums! And the bug is still there. It locks up and doesn't want you to change anything at all. I finally got past that, and tried various solutions, including deleting my backup setup and reentering it, thus allowing me to enter my new password. I pressed the test button, and it said it connected. Then I tried to back it up, and it won't, invalid credentials! According to one post, I went in and deleted the saved credentials in the registry, and deleted my backup and entered in a new one again, same results. I spent many hours, all wasted on horrible software the company could care less about fixing.

  • Amazon Customer - Commemorate the season!

    My wife collects crystal and these are meticulous! But, most of all there's no better way to celebrate and commemorate the Christmas Season than with the magical beauty of these shimmering crystal ornaments!

  • Stephen V Wooten II - Absolutely perfect. I am so amazed by this item

    Absolutely perfect. I am so amazed by this item. I just simply cannot believe how well it works. Its battery life is easily longer than I ever use it for days and days of continuous gaming. Then, one night I'll charge it, and I'm good to go. Sometimes I check to see the battery life and it is always just perfectly fine. And whether it's plugged in or wireless, its performance is just absolutely incredible. And you change the lights with the Logitech software, which is cool! And it's so comfy!

  • L. Castillo - Bad marketing move Keurig

    I too was going to purchase this from QVC today. I had actually ordered the Keurig Elite earlier this week and was attracted to the bells and whistles on the 2.0, as well as the ability to brew a carafe full of coffee for my family. However, I decided against it based on the fact that you're forced to use Keurig branded coffee. Bad marketing move Keurig, seems like a LOT of people are upset about this. I would've been one of them had I purchased the 2.0.

  • Herman F. East - Works

    Had a small loss of coolant. Figured it was head gasket as I never could see any coolant under the car. Put this in as I haven't had to add any more coolant.