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  • William Thompson - Great price

    I need in particular Premier, Encore and Acrobat. This price per annum gives me a whole bunch more than that at a price that would be less than what I was used to paying for Premier alone. Great job, Adobe!

  • cassie - Why so expensive?

    I love this product and have been using it for the past six months with great results. However, I can't understand why Amazon is charging so much more for a product that routinely retails for $60. Total rip-off.

  • Tony - Leak sealed on Cherokee XJ

    I had a leak in my O-ring between my power steering reservoir and the actual pump on my 01 Cherokee Sport. It was leaking pretty badly, and I was having to fill up the fluid almost once a week if not more often. I figured that this stop leak was worth a shot instead of buying a new reservoir or pulling everything out and fixing the leak. I was very surprised to see that after a day of average driving there were no more leaks. So far so good, I have driven about two weeks and 300 some miles and there is no leakage from my Jeep. I am only giving this 4 stars for the time being because I haven't stopped the leak for more than a few weeks, if the reservoir continues to stay dry I will update with another star. A word of warning though, this will not fix leaks in pressure or return hoses, I tried a little of this to try to fix a leak on my high pressure power steering line and it didn't do a thing. For fixing small leaks or drips in the power steering pump/mechanism or rack though this stuff is great.