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  • Betsy - This eye drops is great for my dry eyes

    This is without question the best drop I have ever used and I have used plenty. My dry eyes get relief at least for 3-4 hrs depending on conditions.

  • barb miller - Comfort, snug and mold to your knees.

    Quality knee band! I spent a long day moving boxes into a new house, my knees were so swollen, tender and sore that these arrived in my mailbox just in time for some needed support. They felt good when I put them on, even sitting I did not feel any bulk or pulling, they moved very well with me. The stitching is really good quality and really molded to my skin and knees even when bent. I bought these for my husband, but I think I will keep this set. I bought an XL they are a bit snug on him, but fit me perfect. So don't order a smaller size because you want them to fit snug, they are true to size if not a big on the smaller side. I was provided a discount for my honest review of this product, the Pro Knee Sleeves Compression and Support bands. Thanks.

  • Isaac - it seemed like Razor put some effort into making this keyboard feel ...

    As soon as I opened the box, it seemed like Razor put some effort into making this keyboard feel premium. Having not owned a mechanical keyboard since the late 90's, this felt very heavy, but solid. The keys all press down with a solid, sharp click, and the caps remove easily for cleaning if you so desire. I'm not a huge fan of the Synapse driver having to sign in every time the computer starts up, but it isn't the end of the world. If you want to do some neat tricks with the backlighting, the Synapse driver does have several options that are pretty flashy. Personally, I think the solid green just looks the best. I haven't messed with the macros or special functions, but as a daily driver keyboard, the price and quality are top notch.

  • Valannin - If only Heracles had such power!

    If there is one cable I would whole-heartedly trust to my Chimera-hunting needs, this would be the cable. No other cable has the tensile strength to properly and efficiently garrote a lycanthrope, asphyxiate an Esquilax or even gag a mermaid. Last week, using my trusty AudioQuest K2 (retrofitted with lead weights, bright orange latex paint and a generous coating of crushed glass stolen from the window of an abandoned church at midnight), I managed to snuff 3 golden unicorns in swift succession!

  • Luz Johanna Rivera - good sleep aid

    After a long day, all we need is a good sleep, so i try this bio life sleep aid. Easy to take it, i use to do with water. I like it, because help me a lot to sleep. I sleep very good, comfortable, and wake up like new. All about this product and directions are well explained in the bottle. I read about it, and all ingredients are naturals and safe. The best of all, and something that i really like it, is that is non-habit forming. No side effects. I just take it when i feel that i cant sleep. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  • David C. Nichols - Hooked it up to the TV w/wireless keyboard. Does ...

    Hooked it up to the TV w/wireless keyboard. Does OK for what I want but a slight problem fitting the home screen of the PC onto the area of the TV screen.

  • Ashley - Best Study Prep EVER!!!!

    I have the Saunders review, Elsevier Evolve Review, Lippincott, and a few others but THIS BOOK genuinely helped me to pass NCLEX on the first try. The first chapter is specific to strategies to help you sift out the correct answer and apply what you already know. When I took the NCLEX last week, it felt like there was always 2 right answers, that's when I kicked in the strategies I learned from this book. The strategies you learn from this book are so thorough, its almost impossible to miss questions. There are plenty of practice questions and a full length practice test in the back. I went from missing 8/9 on the small quizzes at the end of the chapters, to missing 2 -3. I have never in all 4 yrs of school, seen a book break down the NCLEX so well.