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  • Josh Rodriguez - It sets very well the indentions on it are awesome. It is a little bit harder than the ...

    This is a hitters ball for sure. It sets very well the indentions on it are awesome. It is a little bit harder than the average rec ball but once you get use to it there is no other ball like this out there.

  • joycelyn temple - good book

    thank you for being honest about the quality of the book condition my daughter needed this book for class

  • Patrick Kelly - It Works! Guys perspective

    I decided to try this out after using many different face cleaners. I grew up with a sister so I would always just use her face cleaning stuff and none of it would work. I even tried prescribed face wash and all that did was dry out my face. Overall I would always wash my face and nothing would work. I had a very greasy forehead where I would need to wipe my forehead as if I was sweating at work. I began using this stuff incorrectly because the written instructions were a bit unclear but the tutorial video online helped and now after using it correctly for just over 2 weeks now my skin is better than it has ever been! I was expecting a breakout in week two like it says may and will probably happen on the website but nothing came from it. My skin just kept getting better and better without the face peeling and what not. Best stuff I have used so far, I was really starting to think my face just reacted badly to all treatment but after using this its been awesome!

  • Alyson K. - Great looking, sturdy. Poor reception.

    Looks great. Fits tight. Holds on well in the touch car washes. even the one that dented my truck right below the antenna. obviously no fault of the antenna. The reception is garbage at best. I can't pick up a single station at all times in the OKC Metro... 3rd largest city in the US by area. 88th by population. Point. Large city, still no reception here. So you are not likely to get good reception any where all the time. So I have to take it down to a 4 star... Sorry. It is reality.

  • Robin G. - This works great for gasket leaks

    I have to admit I was very skeptical that this product would even work, but what hell the car is old and its on it's last leg away. I'm shocked to see the results. I had a lower intake gasket leak and it would have cost $700 to fix. Ever since I put Bar's leaks it stop completely. What! I can't believe it, I've been checking my coolent levels every day and haven't lost a drop. This works great for gasket leaks.