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  • A 12-year old reader - The Ouija Board

    I've played this game all my life and I have always loved it. It doesn't work the first time you play it but you really have to believe in the unknown to get the spirits to answer you. Don't play around with it, it's not a game. But also don't take it too seriously or you'll start basing your decisions on it and it might not make you do the right things. I think it's a really good thing to have when you're looking for answers and it's a lot of fun. The glow in the dark feature is really cool and it sets the mood when you're playing. To get answers from your board it is important that you relax and concentrate only on your question. Try to clear your mind of everything else. The Ouija Board is my favorite game and I thank my aunt for introducing it to me.


    Somehow, moisture always manages to get where we don't want it. And it can do a lot of damage -- like fostering mold and mildew. DampRid is just the thing for getting rid of it. You simply place the DampRid container in the affected area, and in a matter of hours, you will see that the DampRid crystals are disappearing and the bottom portion of the container is filling with liquid. This is the moisture that has been drawn out of the air. I bought this 4-lb tub thinking I would use it to refill a few small DampRid containers I've saved from earlier purchases. But I see that if I don't want to transfer the DampRid crystals, I don't have to -- the tub can work as an absorbing container. I probably WILL transfer the crystals, since the smaller containers are handier. But if you had a large area -- like a basement -- to take care of, this big tub would be just the ticket. (Naturally, you need to towel up as much liquid as you can before turning to the DampRid ... it's for the moisture in the air that you CAN'T mop up.)

  • Rozaty - electrical adaptner is terrible

    I have bought about 3 of these units in the past 4 years. It works perfectly, but I have trouble with the light connection cord it breaks inside and I have to move it constantly to make it work, the Electrical adapter does the same. It is cheaply made and the wiring splits inside easily. I have called and called and never get a return call from the company. Because it works so well. I continue to order them. I have used the batteries but it cost too much to keep replacing them.. I am really tired of the wires breaking and don't think that I will order another one this time..