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  • afton manalo - I would highly recommend this to everybody and would also say brush your ...

    I wish I could give this product the 100 stars that it truly deserves!! It's been awhile since I have tried something that was so life changing, never before have my teeth/mouth felt so clean. This stuff literally removed a film off of your teeth that you didn't even know was there till it's gone! I would highly recommend this to everybody and would also say brush your teeth in the shower cause the black charcoal can be somewhat messy!

  • Jamie - This piece of plastic will change your life!

    Seriously, life-altering. I'm very into BMs and I will discuss them with just about shame! ;-) I'm about 5'5" and very flexible so the 9" was a great height for me! Elimination is easy and COMPLETE, everyone should have one of these bad boys! Everyone I know will be getting one for birthdays and Christmas! Yay for poop!

  • H. Salsano - Good but takes some getting used to

    Upgraded from an old DOS based program that would not run on Windows 7. We are still figuring out the full capabilities of this program. It is a bit clunky, and looks very similar to a Microsoft Access database. We do like it though, and it is nice that we can export our cookbook to a fdx file and import it into the Android My Cookbook app so that all our recipes are with us when we travel, on our tablet or phone.

  • Allegra Giorno - A tool to have in your "medical tool chest" for sure!

    These patches are really quite wonderful. I have had some problems with knotted muscles in my calf. I was a little skeptical when I opened the package...hmmm kind of small! (Although since that time, I've discovered they make larger patches, good for the back or larger areas). The smell, to me, is pleasant. Not so strong as Ben-gay or other similar products. I slapped one on one of the most painful areas in my calf...and went about my business. In about 20 minutes, my pain was GREATLY reduced. Was it a fluke?

  • Charles - Garbage Propaganda

    Wow, the worst. Propaganda (Neoliberal/Neocon?). Hillary can't get the majority of the vote sewn up even after corruptly undermining a populist (Bernie Sanders) with the DNC's help, planting of stories with journalists, buying up liberal media (Blue Nation Review) and so on. So now they cry Putin and Russian everyday, nonstop. lol Ok, it would be funny if this war drum beating is not leading down a perilous road to war. And, nope, obviously not a Trump supporter.