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Country:, North America, US

City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • Nevada Star - DOESN'T WORK.

    I did everything by the book, drank tons of water, ate healthy, slept with it on, showered before I put it on to open my pores, & I kept them on for 6 hours.

  • For Fairness - Security hazard- Inuit says it stores personal information in countries with low security

    Huge security breach for social security numbers, bank account and other personal/business security information.

  • Brenda - Sinus sufferers take note:

    Purchased this Waterpik to replace a Grossan Nasal Hydropulse machine that went belly-up. I have had this unit several weeks, and like it very much. It has the ability to increase the pressure the water comes out to an effective rate for sinus flushing, and does a nice job of "pulsing" the water out. I just put one of my nasal tip pieces from the Grossan unit onto the end of one of the waterpiks.

  • :Klem - This Guitar is Great!

    Beautiful guitar with a great sound. It plays like a dream right out of the box which is rare. This was a great purchase!